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Hp Laserjet 4mp 22 Error


Reduce page complexity to eliminate the problem, change the resolution to 300 dpi, or use the page protection feature. Note IIISi/4Si: Short cp005 on DC Controller to bypass Error 50 time delay. (The printer must be turned off.) 5Si/4000/4050/4100/5000/8000/8100 Only: The fuser is malfunctioning. 50.1 Fuser low temperature failure. 50.2 Warm-up failure(timed out). 50.3 Over temperature failure. 50.4 Bad fuser. 50.5 Inconsistent Fuser Temp. 51 ERROR (Loss of Beam Detect) 2686 Only: 1. Error 23 I/O Not Ready ALL PRINTERS The I/O card is not accepting data. Press and hold [Continue/Reset] until 07 Reset appears to confirm the selections (temporary macros and temporary fonts will be deleted) or, press [Continue/Reset] or [Online] (no changes to any menu selections will be made. have a peek here

Turn the printer off and back on. If the message persists, consult service. A broken tooth on one gear is all it takes. If this occurs after page protection is turned on, power cycle the printer (off and on) and reselect the optional I/O in the Configuration Menu.

Scanner 22 Error

If you don't hear the motor at all, usually accompanied by an error 52 indication, the scanner motor is defective. Another clue can be a "clicking" sound just prior to the error 50 appearing. Message: W9 Job 600/Ltr, HP LASERJET 4, 4M, 4SI, 4P Printers W9 Job 600/Ltr HP LaserJet 4, 4M, 4Si, 4P printers The job was printed at 600 dpi with page protection set to letter.

Turn printer on and verify the optional interface card is configured correctly. Insert the appropriate envelope size into the MP tray (Manual feed guides on HP LaserJet 4Si Printer) and press online to print. Turn the printer off, data loss will occur. Hp Scanner Error 22 Fix If Toner Low=Off this message will disappear by pressing Continue.

II, IID, III, IIID Replace registration assy. Hp M1212nf Scanner Error 22 Firmware Update - The configuration page lists the firmware version of the product. Back back to top How did we do? http://www.all-laser.com/aerror-code/ Terminate the port on the printer with a BNC T and two 50 ohm termination's.

A manufacturing problem causes premature failure of the power supplies. Hp Printer Error Codes List IIISi/4Si Only: 1. This causes a misread by the printer and generates the error code. Turn the printer on, if it is not already on.

Hp M1212nf Scanner Error 22

Message: 00 PS READY* HP LASERJET IIISi printer 00 PS Ready HP LaserJet IIISi printer Printer is ready to use in PostScript mode. http://info.electronicwerkstatt.de/bereiche/druckertechnik/hp/hp_error_codes3.html Turn the printer off, then on again. Scanner 22 Error The host computer did not receive, or ignored, the printer's request to suspend the flow of data causing the printer's buffer to overflow. Scanner Error 22 Hp Laserjet M1213nf This problem applies to S/N's below 2951JXXXXX.

Replace Cable, DC Controller to H.V. navigate here The outer gear should rotate in one direction only with a spring action which limits it rotation. Message: 51 Error All HP LaserJet Printers 51 Error All - The printer was unable to detect the laser beam. It will list the most common reason to fix first, and then proceed with a process of elimination until your problem is corrected. How To Fix Scanner Error 22

to 26MB (uses MET) Graphics: 600dpi Autorotate: Yes Duplex: Not Available RET: Yes Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 4P / 4MP Fonts Fonts Per Page: Limited only by available printer memory. (Each attribute is a separate font) Internal PCL Fonts Typeface Size Variations Symbol Set Line Printer 8.5 pt. (16.67 pitch) Medium Upright * Courier Scalable Medium Upright + Bold Upright Medium Italic Bold Italic CG Times Scalable Medium Upright + Bold Upright Medium Italic Bold Italic CG Omega Scalable Medium Upright + Bold Upright Medium Italic Bold Italic Coronet Scalable Medium Italic ** Clarendon Condensed Scalable Bold Upright ** Univers Scalable Medium Upright + Bold Upright Medium Italic Bold Italic Univers Condensed Scalable Medium Upright ** Bold Upright Medium Italic Bold Italic Antique Olive Scalable Medium Upright ** Bold Upright Medium Italic Garamond Antiqua Scalable Medium Upright ** Garamond Halbfett Scalable Bold Upright ** Garamond Kursiv Scalable Medium Italic ** Garamond Kursiv Halbfett Scalable Bold Italic ** Marigold Scalable Medium Upright ** Albertus Scalable Medium Upright ** Albertus Extra Bold Scalable Bold Upright ** Arial Scalable Medium Upright + Bold Upright Medium Italic Bold Italic Times New Roman Scalable Medium Upright + Bold Upright Medium Italic Bold Italic Letter Gothic Scalable Medium Upright + Bold Upright Medium Italic Symbol Scalable Medium Upright N/A Wingdings Scalable Medium Upright N/A *All Fonts are available in PC-8, Roman-8, ECMA-94, PC-850, PC-8, Danish/Norwegian, and Legal. And remember PrinterSupplies.com for all your copier, fax and printer supply needs. 5L/6L Troubleshooting Information ERROR 11 - Paper Out (MP/PC/UC/LC/EC/LE LOAD) ERROR 12 - Open or No EP Cartridge ERROR 13 - Paper Jam ERROR 14 - No EP Cartridge or No Toner Cartridge ERROR 16 - Toner Low Message ERROR 18 - MIO Not Ready ERROR 20 - Memory Overflow ERROR 21 - Print Overrun ERROR 22 - I/O Config Error/Par I/O Error/ MIO Error ERROR 23 - I /O Not Ready ERROR 24 - Job Memory Full ERROR 30 - PS Error 16, PS Error 22 or 25 Error 30, PS Error XX ERROR 40 - (Data Transfer Error) ERROR 41 - (Temporary Print Engine Failure) ERROR 41.1 ERROR 43 ERROR 50 - Service ERROR 51 - Service ERROR 52 - Service ERROR 53 - Service ERROR 54 - Duplex Feed Error (IID/IIID) or Main Motor Stall 2686 A/D ERROR 55 - Internal Communication Problem ERROR 56 - IID/IIID - Output Selector Knob not in Duplex Position, IIISi/4Si - Trying to print envelope in duplex mode ERROR 57 - Incompatible Memory Card or Gears Seized or bad main motor or fan motor ERROR 58 ERROR 59 - Add Memory IIISi/4Si ERROR 60 - 2686 A/D, 4, 4+, 4P Defective Formatter PCA, IIISi/4Si/4V: Defective SIMMS ERROR 61 - Defective formatter PCA, MEMORY IIISi/4Si/4V - Defective memory SIMMs, reseat, remove or replace ERROR 62.X - MEMORY IIISi/4Si/4V - Defective memory SIMMs, reseat, remove, replace ERROR 63 - Defective Formatter PCA or defective SIMMS - reseat SIMMS or remove temporarily (IIISi/4Si/4V) ERROR 67 - Defective formatter PCA ERROR 79 - Software Drivers, Memory PCA's, Font Macro Cartridges, I/O Cards, Def. Check the HP paper specification guide for more info. http://orgias.org/scanner-error/hp-laserjet-52-scanner-error.html On HP laserjet IIP/IIIP/Apple Personal LaserWriter printers, a Service Error 50 is most likely due to defective heater lamp.

ERROR 80 All Printers Improper MIO connection - look at pins on formatter MIO connection Defective MIO Card - Replace card Defective Formatter Card - Replace card ERROR 89 All Printer (except 5L/6L) The PostScript ROM's have bent or broken pins inspect the pins and reseat if necessary Check to see that the ROM SIMM's are in the proper location and oriented properly This can also be a temporary error, try power cycling the printer The PostScript ROM's/SIMM are defective Email SignUp For Special Offer Submit What Our Customer's Say Good morning, Ive been meaning to write this for a few days but have not had a free moment. Hp Laserjet Pro Mfp M127fn Scanner Error 22 The exceptions are page count, MP tray size, envelope feeder size and display Language. Verify that the correct revision level and memory part # has been installed in the printer..

Bad interlock switch assy LJ4, 4+ Top cover open Bad paper control PCB on ppr feed assy 4L Part of the top door that pushes plunger down is broken Top door switch plunger assy is broken 13 Paper Jam All printers Media (paper) out of spec.

Replace high-voltage Power Supply. At least one of two tabs must be present. is between 2925J00000 to 3047J999999. (2-diode to 3-diode upgrade corrects static caused problem.) IIP, IIP+, IIIP Only: 1. Scanner Error 22 Hp Laserjet M127fn Output selector knob is not in duplex position.

The printer is asking for the same paper length (size) that was requested by the software. ERROR 41-X X= 1,2,4,5 A temporary error occured - Press "CONTINUE" to clear. 41.3 Error - Unexpected paper size - more than one sheet of paper picked up. Code ONLY appears while button is depressed If four lights remain on when button is pushed replace the formatter PCB User Maintenance IIISi, 4Si This message indicates that the printer has printed 200,000 pages and the user installable maintenance kit must be installed. this contact form If the error persists, consult service.

General information with more detailed information available. To print the job as requested, install additional memory. Message: 42 OPT interface HP LaserJet III, IIID Printers 42 Opt Interface HP LaserJet III, IIID Printers A communications issue has occurred between the printer and a card installed in the printer's optional interface slot. Early models of these machines had a scanner assembly which contained a manufacturing problem causing the scanner speed control IC to overheat and burn out.

If the problem persists, the cartridge or the printer may need repair. If error persists service is required. ERROR 40 - (Data Transfer Error) Momentary error, press "Continue" or "GO" to reset the printer 5L/6L Power Cycle the printer if error continues reseat the DC controller to Formatter 5P/6P Occurs if printer picks up two sheets of paper at once. Service manuals, Parts Catalogs, Error Codes, Troubleshooting, Service Menu, Adjustment, Reset Codes, Compatible Devices, Equivalents Parts and Circuits diagrams.