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If a clean boot fixes the problem, there may an incompatible program or driver on your PC. Running Windows 7 Home Premium. Yes No Not yet What's that? Re: Please Help!! "A File I/O Error Has Occurred" every time I try to save...

Why is My Computer Slow? Overview Package Class Use Tree Deprecated Index Help Java™PlatformStandardEd.7 Prev Class Next Class Frames No Frames All Classes Summary: Nested| Field| Constr| Method Detail: Field| Constr| Method java.io Class IOError java.lang.Object java.lang.Throwable java.lang.Error java.io.IOError All Implemented Interfaces: Serializable public class IOError extends Error Thrown when a serious I/O error has occurred. posted 6 years ago Obviously you have to make sure that the computer that you run this on has access to the file that you want to read. You signed out in another tab or window.

The Document Could Not Be Saved. A File I/o Error Has Occurred

reijikun commented May 27, 2015 Mine, a rar with 6,3GB size (previously stuck at 99.9%), fixed by upgrading qB to qB 3.2 with unchecked OS cache. Software ▼ Security and Virus Office Software PC Gaming See More... ask21900's fix did work.

P.S. Currently attempting ask21900's fix. I've left my PC running over night, building stuff. A File I/o Error Has Occurred Vmware Converter I hit resume and after a while the error returns and the torrent is paused again.

Okay. A File I/o Error Has Occurred Illustrator United States English English IBM® Site map IBM IBM Support Check here to start a new keyword search. Re: Please Help!! "A File I/O Error Has Occurred" every time I try to save... You can look up your reason in the log. (view->execution log).

VincentThompson commented Jan 11, 2016 After further testing this IS the solution. Illustrator I/o Error When Saving This should come immediate upon hitting resume or better immediate upon startup of qB or upon removing the file underneath a running qB. Right-click the channel where the appropriate drive is connected, and then click Properties. The CD or DVD disk that you are trying to access is dirty or damaged.

A File I/o Error Has Occurred Illustrator

cdumez was assigned Nov 10, 2013 Gelmir commented Nov 17, 2013 @sledgehammer999, I'll try to see if session_settings::lock_files can overcome this. http://www.tune-your-pc.com/blog/what-is-an-io-device-error-and-how-to-fix-it/ They were stored on files accessible via my hard drive -- i.e., together with other files that open easily. The Document Could Not Be Saved. A File I/o Error Has Occurred Error description A Log Activity search can return an error similar to 'An IO error occurred on server(s) . There Was An Error Processing A Page. A File I/o Error Has Occurred If you haven't already read whole issue for some other possible solutions.

It library indexing function interfered with the downloading material, because it contained audio files and I saved the torrent in the indexing path of foobar2000. I would like to point out that I have also received this error when I did not personally access a file so it makes me think that Windows is accessing files for whatever reason (to pull thumbnails maybe?) and that is causing (or at least contributing to) the error. chrishirst commented May 28, 2015 I was quite annoyed when encountering this bug. You signed in with another tab or window. What Does A File I/o Error Mean

Edit: forget about lt_aio, too much work; this will require a lot more effort than fixing a bunch of ifdefs. I suspect Windows thumbnails process to acces file during download... Warning: Do not change the Primary IDE Channel, Device 0, because this is typically the system disk. int linecount = 0; String line; // Loop through each line, stashing the line into our line variable.

Top 10 Causes of a Slow PC » What is an I/O Device Error and How To Fix It? Adobe Reader There Was An Error Opening This Document A File I O Error Has Occurred Gelmir commented Jan 6, 2013 Ok. Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).

So some of you may encountered this because some program was indexing the files in the background.

Using OS caching? Too often people forget to do this. I'll see the code, maybe I'll find anything if I'm lucky. A File I O Error Has Occurred Nuance Pdf Reader Status : Oxc00000e9 ( Windows 7 ) See More: I can not get past Unexpected I/O error has occurred .

Eventually what seems to have been responsible for the error was the max number of connections which I reduced from 500 to 420. All rights reserved. I used Contig utility from windows sysinternals http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897428.aspx on file mentioned in error and it showed that file have ~1600 fragments. You can track this item individually or track all items by product.

Seeing it was so old and never solved That's the problem with reports that are 'hijacked' by people reporting symptoms that may have different causal factors. Glad you still got the message though. Some may have been created on an earlier laptop. They must be restored to be available.

nathanvl commented May 28, 2015 I was quite annoyed when encountering this bug. Wasn't saving to a server, but to a 2-gig jump drive. It usually happens after the file has downloaded halfway or so. Thanks Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions Go to original post Actions More Like This Retrieving data ... © 2016 Adobe Systems Incorporated.

If this solution did not resolve the I/O problem, go to solution 3. Or to perform logging tests(requeted by arvidn). It's also a point where it's difficult to handle the error in a high-level reasonable way, say, close a few connections and try again.