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Join us to comment and to customize your site experience! Can a GM prohibit players from using external reference materials (like PHB) during play? or dsIrqErr: uninstalled interrupt error error 14 sdmPriInitErr: Cards could not be initialized. Get as much data as you can off the drive, then just toss it.

so now I am just confused. I will reinstall and see if that helps. I think the system is bad and when performing tasks it make the cpu crash. Thinking it might be due to OS files being corrupted I created a USB drive with installable version of OSX (actually 10.9 Mavericks), but it crashes during install.

Disk0s2 I/o Error Mac

error -23005 connectionClosing: A TCPClose command was already issued so there is no more data to send on this connection. Jun 11 20:49:26 isunk kernel[0]: disk0s9: I/O error. AHT should be on the disc labeled "Applications Install DVD", with a small mention of AHT and its version number. The larger the drive, the longer it takes. [ Reply to This | # ] Miniguide to fixing Volume-Filesystem errors Authored by: kaih on Apr 29, '11 03:29:33PM Oh no no no!

Reply With Quote 06-17-2005,07:58 AM #9 sunk976 Guest Ok forget that last post.. I've tried the usual fixes such as safe mode (won't boot), removing all peripherals, even the RAM sticks. error -23044 noNameServer: No name server can be found for the specified name string. Disk Io Error Mac Jun 17 09:32:54 localhost kernel[0]: BSD root: disk0s9, major 14, minor 9 Jun 17 09:32:55 localhost diskarbitrationd[33]: disk0s9 hfs 758A4EB5-32CD-3FD1-8B3B-912ACBE13134 Macintosh HD The thing is it doesnt really notice this time...

This error is also returned when the structType field is inconsistent with the endpoint type. hopefully, it is still under warranty, and like rman said, back up your system. as for overheating, it can get very hot. internet just a feeling.

error -13005 pmRecvEndErr: during receive pmgr did not finish hs configured for this connection error -13004 pmRecvStartErr: during receive pmgr did not start hs error -13003 pmSendEndErr: during send pmgr did not finish hs error -13002 pmSendStartErr: during send pmgr did not start hs error -13001 pmReplyTOErr: Timed out waiting for reply error -13000 pmBusyErr: Power Mgr never ready to start handshake error -11005 pictureDataErr: the picture data was invalid error -11004 colorsRequestedErr: the number of colors requested was illegal error -11003 cantLoadPickMethodErr: unable to load the custom pick proc error -11002 pictInfoVerbErr: the passed verb was invalid error -11001 pictInfoIDErr: the internal consistancy check for the PictInfoID is wrong error -11000 pictInfoVersionErr: wrong version of the PictInfo structure error -10115 telBadSampleRate: incompatible sample rate error -10114 telBadSWErr: Software not installed properly error -10113 telDetAlreadyOn: detection is already turned on error -10112 telAutoAnsNotOn: autoAnswer in not turned on error -10111 telValidateFailed: telValidate failed error -10110 telBadProcID: invalid procID error -10109 telDeviceNotFound: device not found error -10108 telBadCodeResource: code resource not found error -10107 telInitFailed: initialization failed error -10106 telNoCommFolder: CommunicationsExtensions not found error -10103 telUnknownErr: unable to set config error -10102 telNoSuchTool: unable to find tool with name specified error -10101 telNoTools: unable to find any telephone tools error -10091 telBadFunction: bad msgCode specified error -10090 telPBErr: parameter block error bad format error -10082 telCANotDeflectable: CA not "deflectable" error -10081 telCANotRejectable: CA not "rejectable" error -10080 telCANotAcceptable: CA not "acceptable" error -10072 telTermNotOpen: terminal not opened via TELOpenTerm error -10071 telStillNeeded: terminal driver still needed by someone else error -10070 telAlreadyOpen: terminal already open error -10064 telNoCallbackRef: no call back reference was specified but is required error -10063 telDisplayModeNotSupp: display mode not supported by tool error -10062 telBadDisplayMode: bad display mode specified error -10061 telFwdTypeNotSupp: forward type not supported by tool error -10060 telDNTypeNotSupp: DN type not supported by tool error -10059 telBadRate: bad rate specified error -10058 telBadBearerType: bad bearerType specified error -10057 telBadSelect: unable to select or deselect DN error -10056 telBadParkID: bad park id specified error -10055 telBadPickupGroupID: bad pickup group ID specified error -10054 telBadFwdType: bad fwdType specified error -10053 telBadFeatureID: bad feature ID specified error -10052 telBadIntercomID: bad intercom ID specified error -10051 telBadPageID: bad page ID specified error -10050 telBadDNType: DN type invalid error -10047 telConfLimitExceeded: attempt to exceed switch conference limits error -10046 telCBErr: call back feature not set previously error -10045 telTransferRej: transfer request rejected error -10044 telTransferErr: transfer not prepared error -10043 telConfRej: conference request was rejected error -10042 telConfErr: conference was not prepared error -10041 telConfNoLimit: no limit was specified but required error -10040 telConfLimitErr: limit specified is too high for this configuration error -10033 telFeatNotSupp: feature program call not supported by this tool error -10032 telFeatActive: feature already active error -10031 telFeatNotAvail: feature subscribed but not available error -10030 telFeatNotSub: feature not subscribed error -10024 telDNDTypeNotSupp: DND type is not supported by this tool error -10023 telBadDNDType: bad DND type specified error -10022 telIntExtNotSupp: internal external type not supported by this tool error -10021 telBadIntExt: bad internal external error error -10020 telStateNotSupp: device state not supported by tool error -10019 telBadStateErr: bad device state specified error -10018 telIndexNotSupp: index not supported by this tool error -10017 telBadIndex: bad index specified error -10016 errAELocalOnly or telAPattNotSupp: alerting pattern not supported by tool error -10015 errAECantUndo or telBadAPattErr: bad alerting pattern specified error -10014 errAENotASingleObject or telVTypeNotSupp: volume type not supported by this tool error -10013 errAENoUserSelection or telBadVTypeErr: bad volume type error error -10012 errAENoSuchTransaction or telBadLevelErr: bad volume level setting error -10011 errAEInTransaction or telHTypeNotSupp: hook type not supported by this tool error -10010 errAECantHandleClass or telBadHTypeErr: bad hook type specified error -10009 errAECantSupplyType error -10008 errAENotAnElement or telNoOpenErr: unable to open terminal error -10007 errAEIndexTooLarge or telNoMemErr: no memory to allocate handle error -10006 errAEWriteDenied or telCAUnavail: a CA is not available error -10005 errAEReadDenied or telBadProcErr: bad msgProc specified error -10004 errAEPrivilegeError or telBadHandErr: bad handle specified error -10003 errAENotModifiable or telBadCAErr: TELCAHandle not found or invalid error -10002 errAEBadKeyForm or telBadDNErr: TELDNHandle not found or invalid error -10001 errAETypeError or telBadTermErr: invalid TELHandle or handle not found error -10000 errAEEventFailed error -9999 cannotMoveAttachedController error -9998 controllerHasFixedHeight error -9997 cannotSetWidthOfAttachedController error -9996 controllerBoundsNotExact error -9995 editingNotAllowed error -9994 badControllerHeight error -9408 deviceCantMeetRequest error -9407 seqGrabInfoNotAvailable error -9406 badSGChannel error -9405 couldntGetRequiredComponent error -9404 notEnoughDiskSpaceToGrab error -9403 notEnoughMemoryToGrab error -9402 cantDoThatInCurrentMode error -9401 grabTimeComplete error -9400 noDeviceForChannel error -8976 codecNothingToBlitErr error -8975 codecCantQueueErr error -8974 codecCantWhenErr error -8973 codecOpenErr error -8972 codecConditionErr error -8971 codecExtensionNotFoundErr error -8970 codecDataVersErr error -8969 codecBadDataErr error -8968 codecWouldOffscreenErr error -8967 codecAbortErr error -8966 codecSpoolErr error -8965 codecImageBufErr error -8964 codecScreenBufErr error -8963 codecSizeErr error -8962 codecUnimpErr error -8961 noCodecErr error -8960 codecErr error -6231 kDMMainDisplayCannotMoveErr: Trying to move main display (or a display mirrored to it) or kDMNoDeviceTableclothErr: obsolete error -6230 kDMDisplayAlreadyInstalledErr: Attempt to add an already installed display. Mac Error Code 8072 If so, then the disk is dying, replace the hard drive, and hope your backups are recent. Boot from the external drive and unmount the internal drive. or dsBusError: bus error error 2 siInitVBLQsErr: VBLqueues for all slots could not be initialized.

Mac Disk1 I/o Error

these types of errors are usually more hardware than software related, has your powerbook overheated? There will be a SMART status code logged, but OS X doesn't seem to regard this as an issue worth reporting. Disk0s2 I/o Error Mac error -43 fnfErr: File not found error -42 tmfoErr: too many files open error -41 mFulErr: memory full (open) or file won't fit (load) error -40 posErr: tried to position to before start of file (rw) error -39 eofErr: End of file error -38 fnOpnErr: File not open error -37 bdNamErr: there may be no bad names in the final system! Disk1 I/o Error Macbook Pro Hi Macman, Im using OS 10.4.1..

Last night when I tried to shutdown it took ages.. Maybe using the command line?--- link [

I thought I would give an update of my situation now. This command takes the error code you have and tells you the answer. It has been more than 5+ months now and it works great. Run a tool like SMART Utility to see how many pending, reallocated, or remapped bad sectors (blocks) you have on the failing disk.

error -348 smOffsetErr: Offset was too big (temporary error error -347 smByteLanesErr: NumByteLanes was determined to be zero. Mac Error Code 8076 Will they need replacement? Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain!

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I was worried about hardware faliure so I backed up all my files onto my server. This repeated every time you tried to boot the system. (REASON: The system does not find your HD and thus the OS to boot). Repair might let loose the volume/filesystem info all together and then there will be no other choice than to recover the data by some data rescue s/w like Data Rescue! Mac Error Code 8003 I don't claim to be an expert on this subject matter, just an (over)enthusiast Mac user.

or dsIOCoreErr: IO Core Error error 15 dsLoadErr: Segment Loader Error error 16 dsFPErr: Floating point error error 17 dsNoPackErr: package 0 not present error 18 dsNoPk1: package 1 not present error 19 dsNoPk2: package 2 not present error 20 dsNoPk3: package 3 not present error 21 dsNoPk4: package 4 not present error 22 dsNoPk5: package 5 not present error 23 dsNoPk6: package 6 not present error 24 dsNoPk7: package 7 not present error 25 dsMemFullErr: out of memory! You might as well not have bothered telling me (this infuriates me at work). Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top MacBook freezes, console printing kernel: disk0s2 I/O error up vote 2 down vote favorite 1 Yesterday I've closed my MacBook , opened it today and experienced horrible performance slowdown, beach ball and eventually a freeze. Reply With Quote 12-03-2008,12:47 PM #11 LarryJ View Profile View Forum Posts Member Since Nov 13, 2008 Posts 1 I have an i/o problem but it is with certain documents (my own) which I can no longer open.

The address was given in dot notation (that is, W.X.Y.Z) and did not conform to the syntax for an IP address. This is my experience only and I will not be liable if you damage anything in the process! error -400 gcrOnMFMErr: gcr format on high density media error error -360 slotNumErr: invalid slot # error error -351 smRecNotFnd: Record not found in the SRT. Over this time I have found loads of tips and tricks which have helped me get the most out of my Mac, so I decided to share them with you all.

If you want to keep up with the latests post from Mac Tricks And Tips I recommend you subscribe to the RSS Feed. error -310 smFHBlockRdErr: Error occured during _sGetFHeader. So a specific application error code may not yield a response. Jun 11 20:54:27 isunk kernel[0]: disk0s9: I/O error.

values. If they increase then dump the disc in the trash. –Hennes Aug 4 '13 at 19:40 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote It looks like you are seeing the final stages of disk failure. error -314 smGetPRErr: Error occured during _sGetPRAMRec (See SIMStatus). If Dumbledore is the most powerful wizard (allegedly), why would he work at a glorified boarding school?

SuggestDo you have a tip you want to share, or do you have a suggestion you want to make for a future tip or trick. do you know of any other hardware testing software available? error -3152 kOTAccessErr: The user does not have permission to negotiate the specified address or options. These are general error codes that are system wide.