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In the font selection dialog, you can select the character set used for the font. Freezing bug after "Auto offset apply" fixed. What is error 32? Ability to search values of all types simultaneously.

For details about this feature, read the manual. Fixed search for float values on AMD processor (K6,K6-2,Athlon,Duron). You can edit integer numbers like hexadecimal value. For example, M2=M1*2. [PRO] Fixed bug when program is deleted, but ArtMoney service is still present and writes a error message in system log. [PRO] Fixed crash bug on Windows 2003 Service Pack 2. [PRO] Fixed bug in filtration of structure with float values. http://www.cyberforum.ru/windows/thread218321.html

I/o Error 32 Delphi

New emulator options for "Sony Playstation 2". I had some compile errors and took care of those and now it looks like it completes the compiling but then I get what looks like a system error. ArtMoney rounds all float values during scanning. Bugs fixed for working in Windows Server 2003.

Search for assembly instruction will be in next version. [PRO] Fixed bug in formula filter when the program compares two recordsets of addresses. New emulator options for the consoles, sush as "Super Nintendo", "Sega Genesis", "Sega MegaCD", "Game Boy Color" and "Game Boy Advance". Bug fixed (failed when trying to freeze value of pointer). Artmoney Download Added command "Search in this memory block", you can find one resource and search for other resources in the same block of memory, it increases search speed.

Built-in formula calculator. Fixed bug with detection of process filename. Thanks Danny Schoemann [email protected] Team Delphi Developer Fri, 19 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT Re:What is I/O error 32? i thought about this But I don't know where to find the version number.

I/O error 32, opening an open file from a 3rd party package FAQ Forum Help Official CCS Support Search Register Profile Log in to check your private messages Log in CCS does not monitor this forum on a regular basis. Limitations: You can not restart the process. If you search for "12" then it rounds off. Generally, an operation is a symbolic name for a single executable machine language instruction.

I/o Error 32 Windows 7

A structure is a composite type. https://www.ccsinfo.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=54859 Delphi 32 - How much 32 bit? 8. I/o Error 32 Delphi I hope some other will be available soon. I/o Error 32 Game Maker Delphi 32 to C-32-DLL Problem 9.

Many people who use laptops use the larger font size (120 dpi). What could be wrong? What I ended up doing was creating a new folder and copying over the main C file and the header files and then creating a new project. Fixed bug with incorrect search area. [PRO] New extra feature! Artmoney Pro Registration Code

If you can not find the emulator in the list then you have to find the zero address for this emulator and add it to the artmoney.emul file. If you have a quad-core processor, ArtMoney can scan up to 4 times faster! You'll find the Windows error codes declared in Windows.Pas in the form ERROR_... -- Regards Ralph (TeamB) -- Danny Schoeman Delphi Developer Sun, 21 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT Re:What is I/O error 32? Now you can write on memory with attributes READONLY and EXECUTE.

The program can work with ArtMoney together as process selector. An unlimited amount of found and frozen values. Change it if the selected font is not displayed correctly.

Fixed bug with conversion to module address.

New "Library for process viewer" option. Thanks Ralph. The table will always work. Some games can crash.

ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION: Файл существует, но используется другим приложением... Rewritten: hotkey popup. Bug fixed (skipped some addresses during filtering). It works in any version of Windows.