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Htc Sync Error 30004


Overrides ANDROID_SERIAL\n" - " envivornment variable.\n" + " environment variable.\n" " -p - simple product name like 'sooner', or\n" " a relative/absolute path to a product\n" " out directory like 'out/target/product/sooner'.\n" @@ -105,8 +105,8 @@ " environment variable is used, which must\n" " be an absolute path.\n" " devices - list all connected devices\n" - " connect : - connect to a device via TCP/IP" - " disconnect : - disconnect from a TCP/IP device" + " connect : - connect to a device via TCP/IP\n" + " disconnect : - disconnect from a TCP/IP device\n" "\n" "device commands:\n" " adb push - copy file/dir to device\n" @@ -126,9 +126,10 @@ " dev:\n" " jdwp: (remote only)\n" " adb jdwp - list PIDs of processes hosting a JDWP transport\n" - " adb install [-l] [-r] - push this package file to the device and install it\n" + " adb install [-l] [-r] [-s] - push this package file to the device and install it\n" " ('-l' means forward-lock the app)\n" " ('-r' means reinstall the app, keeping its data)\n" + " ('-s' means install on SD card instead of internal storage)\n" " adb uninstall [-k] - remove this app package from the device\n" " ('-k' means keep the data and cache directories)\n" " adb bugreport - return all information from the device\n" @@ -220,8 +221,8 @@ if(errno == EINTR) continue; break; } - /* we want to output to stdout, so no adb_write here !! */ - unix_write(1, buf, len); + fwrite(buf, 1, len, stdout); + fflush(stdout); } } @@ -1255,17 +1256,25 @@ { struct stat st; int err; - const char *const WHERE = "/data/local/tmp/%s"; + const char *const DATA_DEST = "/data/local/tmp/%s"; + const char *const SD_DEST = "/sdcard/tmp/%s"; + const char* where = DATA_DEST; char to[PATH_MAX]; char* filename = argv[argc - 1]; const char* p; + int i; + + for (i = 0; i < argc; i++) { + if (!strcmp(argv[i], "-s")) + where = SD_DEST; + } p = adb_dirstop(filename); if (p) { p++; - snprintf(to, sizeof to, WHERE, p); + snprintf(to, sizeof to, where, p); } else { - snprintf(to, sizeof to, WHERE, filename); + snprintf(to, sizeof to, where, filename); } if (p[0] == '\0') { } diff --git a/adb/services.c b/adb/services.c index b5df554..487c7d3 100644 --- a/adb/services.c +++ b/adb/services.c @@ -176,9 +176,23 @@ void reboot_service(int fd, void *arg) { char buf[100]; - int ret; + int pid, ret; sync(); + + /* Attempt to unmount the SD card first. + * No need to bother checking for errors. + */ + pid = fork(); + if (pid == 0) { + /* ask vdc to unmount it */ + execl("/system/bin/vdc", "/system/bin/vdc", "volume", "unmount", + getenv("EXTERNAL_STORAGE"), "force", NULL); + } else if (pid > 0) { + /* wait until vdc succeeds or fails */ + waitpid(pid, &ret, 0); + } + ret = __reboot(LINUX_REBOOT_MAGIC1, LINUX_REBOOT_MAGIC2, LINUX_REBOOT_CMD_RESTART2, (char *)arg); if (ret < 0) { diff --git a/adb/usb_vendors.c b/adb/usb_vendors.c index 73bf418..fd34052 100644 --- a/adb/usb_vendors.c +++ b/adb/usb_vendors.c @@ -59,7 +59,10 @@ #define VENDOR_ID_NVIDIA 0x0955 // Garmin-Asus's USB Vendor ID #define VENDOR_ID_GARMIN_ASUS 0x091E - +// Sharp's USB Vendor ID +#define VENDOR_ID_SHARP 0x04dd +// ZTE's USB Vendor ID +#define VENDOR_ID_ZTE 0x19D2 /** built-in vendor list */ int builtInVendorIds[] = { @@ -75,6 +78,8 @@ VENDOR_ID_DELL, VENDOR_ID_NVIDIA, VENDOR_ID_GARMIN_ASUS, + VENDOR_ID_SHARP, + VENDOR_ID_ZTE, }; #define BUILT_IN_VENDOR_COUNT (sizeof(builtInVendorIds)/sizeof(builtInVendorIds[0])) diff --git a/debuggerd/Android.mk b/debuggerd/Android.mk index b22e1a8..b86f2a5 100644 --- a/debuggerd/Android.mk +++ b/debuggerd/Android.mk @@ -14,13 +14,23 @@ include $(BUILD_EXECUTABLE) include $(CLEAR_VARS) -LOCAL_SRC_FILES := crasher.c +LOCAL_SRC_FILES := crasher.c LOCAL_SRC_FILES += crashglue.S -LOCAL_MODULE := crasher +LOCAL_MODULE := crasher LOCAL_MODULE_PATH := $(TARGET_OUT_OPTIONAL_EXECUTABLES) LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS := eng #LOCAL_FORCE_STATIC_EXECUTABLE := true LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES := libcutils libc include $(BUILD_EXECUTABLE) +ifeq ($(TARGET_ARCH_VARIANT),armv7-a) +include $(CLEAR_VARS) +LOCAL_SRC_FILES := vfp-crasher.c vfp.S +LOCAL_MODULE := vfp-crasher +LOCAL_MODULE_PATH := $(TARGET_OUT_OPTIONAL_EXECUTABLES) +LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS := eng +LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES := libcutils libc +include $(BUILD_EXECUTABLE) +endif # TARGET_ARCH_VARIANT == armv7-a + endif # TARGET_ARCH == arm diff --git a/debuggerd/crashglue.S b/debuggerd/crashglue.S index 888951b..0c1fd9b 100644 --- a/debuggerd/crashglue.S +++ b/debuggerd/crashglue.S @@ -1,5 +1,7 @@ .globl crash1 +.type crash1, %function .globl crashnostack +.type crashnostack, %function crash1: ldr r0, =0xa5a50000 @@ -25,4 +27,4 @@ mov sp, #0 mov r0, #0 ldr r0, [r0] - b . \ No newline at end of file + b . To use the defaults type a . There should be a search bar at the top of the file manager screen. SAV MAGMON . http://orgias.org/htc-sync/htc-sync-pim-error.html

Won't work on any of them. SAV DDRPE . Refer to the MAGMON command summary. The DATAI is then converted to a BLKI and the DTBOOT program is read into core and started.

Android Htc Sync 2.apk Download

I wonder if anyone else was able to resolve this error {4} message, which only started happening after having to download the most recent service pack. The items are as follows. Inhibit comment portion of error messages. Respond by typing the name of the control file.

TITLE, FUNCTION, and DIAGNOSTIC COMMENT portions of the error typeout may be inhibited by setting the TXTINH switch (10) . SAV E U E U Part 1 (Floating Scale/ADD/SUB, UFA) Part 2 (Floating MUL/DIV, DFN) Instruction Reliability DAKBA SAV E U DAKBB SAV DAKBC SAV E U DAKBD SAV E u DAK DA SAV E u DAKDB SAV E u Part 1 (COMPARE, EXCH, BOOLE, ROTATE, TEST) MMflMRtfNilMMfr , aox, sox, cai, etc.) Part 3 (HWT, ADD, SUB, JFFO, etc.) Part 4 (Memory/Both modes, excluding MUL, DIV, BYTE JSR, JSA, JSP, JRA, PUSH, POP, PUSHJ, POPJ) Arithmetic Reliability (Floating Point) Random Instruction Reliability Protection Relocation and Timing DAKEA.SAV E Relocation and Protection DAKEB.SAV E Reenterent Reliability (Protect and Relocate) DAKFA.SAV E Instruction Timing Test Table 6 KA10 Memory Diagnostic Hierachy Diagnostic Mode Title DDMMC . Reply

04-08-2015,05:35 PM #16 Xeyph Posts 1 Posts Re: HTC Sync Manager problem! Htc Sync Manager No Phone Connected Table 4 describes program starting commands.

To KLDCP type BT This initializes the KL10 to run 10-based 10 programs. This apk file is present in the internal storage of your phone and needs to be installed. FrenchSkyLock Product DescriptionMPAA Notorious Markets 2014Designing for digitalSilk Road 4th Amendment MemoApple Inc (AAPL) Form 10-K (Annual Report) Filed 2008-11-05Building real-time updates for the Graph APISilk Road exhibits GX 240BUSDA RUS - List of Materials for Use by USDA Rural Development Telecom Borrowers 10-16-2009LawsuitPlatform Best Practices - Handling Issues GracefullyBooks about User InterfaceSketching User ExperiencesReact.js EssentialsDesigning with the Mind in MindLearning to Program Using PythonUser Experience Re-MasteredThe High Performance HMI HandbookGetting Started with Python and Raspberry PiDesigning with the Mind in MindHandbook of Human-Computer InteractionMobile User ExperienceUI is CommunicationBrave NUI WorldAdobe PhotoshopPaper PrototypingVisual UsabilityAndroid User Interface DevelopmentHuman-Machine Interface Design for Process Control ApplicationsLearning Ext JSLiferay 6.2 User Interface DevelopmentUnity Virtual Reality ProjectsKivy CookbookCross-platform UI Development with Xamarin.FormsCheckPoint NG VPN 1/Firewall 1Developing Web 2.0 Applications with EGL for IBM iDesign WiseSummaryWriting for InteractionBrainstorming and BeyondUser Interface Inspection MethodsDocuments about User InterfaceFord SYNC With MyFord Touch HandbookCornell Tech Url Shortening ResearchBest practices for AdministratorsDreamforce Conference Guide - 2009Trends in Video Games and GamingAppleVsSamsung_11.07.05Apple vs Android 10.12.022012 KPCB Internet Trends Year-End UpdateChoose the right tools to customize and extend Salesforce CRMNokiaVsApple_11.03.31.100Amended Galaxy ComplaintNokia vs Apple 11.01.06Northern LightsThe Tower Undergraduate Research Journal Volume IINokiaVsApple_10.12.23Apple vs Samsung 11.06.1614-01-21 Apple v. A collection of subroutines commonly used by KA10 and KI10 diagnostic and utility programs.

Special privileges are required to mount a second public structure such as KLAD-20. Htc Sync Manager Download The advantages are (1) speed (the program is loaded faster) and (2) convenience, (the user can take advantage of existing control files) . Example: DFKAA A10 10 1000 DFKAB A10 1 123456 200 DFKAC A10 00001 1 Tz If the control file is being generated via the T command, the following headers will be printed. The pragma text is passed to a callback function, + and is used to implement meta-information. + - Other preprocessor directives are ignored. - C Strings and C character constants are supported.

Htc Sync Manager Apk

Table 2 describes the device selection commands. don't use. + GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RESERVED_10 = 0x10, + GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RESERVED_11 = 0x11, + GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RESERVED_12 = 0x12, + GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RESERVED_13 = 0x13, + GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RESERVED_14 = 0x14, + GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RESERVED_15 = 0x15, + GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RESERVED_16 = 0x16, + GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RESERVED_17 = 0x17, // reserved/special formats GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_Z_16 = 0x18, GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_S_8 = 0x19, GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_SZ_24 = 0x1A, GGL_PIXEL_FORMAT_SZ_8 = 0x1B, + + // reserved range. Android Htc Sync 2.apk Download The KLAD-10 pack is being used only as an example; actually, any maintenance pack which does not have BOOTS in the boot block can be used. Htc One M8 Sync Manager No Phone Connected Reply

05-09-2015,04:36 AM #21 buyshirts Posts 10 Posts Re: HTC Sync Manager problem!

If the program is aborted before completion (by TC, etc.) the output file may be closed by using the monitor REENTER command. weblink A version of Subroutine for use with KL10 exec mode diagnostics. This will initialize the system. Occupy Wall Street TV NSA Clip Library TV News Top Animation & Cartoons Arts & Music Community Video Computers & Technology Cultural & Academic Films Ephemeral Films Movies Understanding 9/11 News & Public Affairs Spirituality & Religion Sports Videos Television Videogame Videos Vlogs Youth Media Featured audio All Audio latest This Just In Grateful Dead Netlabels Old Time Radio 78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings Live Music Archive Top Audio Books & Poetry Community Audio Computers & Technology Music, Arts & Culture News & Public Affairs Non-English Audio Podcasts Librivox Free Audiobook Radio Programs Spirituality & Religion Featured software All Software latest This Just In Old School Emulation MS-DOS Games Historical Software Classic PC Games Software Library Internet Arcade Top Community Software MS-DOS APK Software Sites Tucows Software Library Vintage Software Vectrex Console Living Room Atari 2600 Magnavox Odyssey 2 Bally Astrocade Sega Genesis ZX Spectrum Sega Game Gear ZX Spectrum Library: Games Featured image All Image latest This Just In Flickr Commons Occupy Wall Street Flickr Cover Art USGS Maps Metropolitan Museum Top NASA Images Solar System Collection Ames Research Center Brooklyn Museum web texts movies audio software image logo Toggle navigation ABOUT CONTACT BLOG PROJECTS HELP DONATE TERMS JOBS VOLUNTEER PEOPLE search Search the Archive upload personSIGN IN Full text of "dec :: pdp10 :: KL10 :: EK-0KL10-02 KL10MaintHbk :: EK-0KL10-02 part3" See other formats Table of Contents 10/10 STD Microfiche Summary Classification Version 10/10 STD NA DIAHON KA,KI,KL10(DDQDC) 0.14 D20MON KLIO(DDQDH) 0.2 KLAD10 - 0.2 MAGMON KA,KI,KL10(DDQDE) 0.12 MAGTAP KLIO(DDQDF) 0.5 SUBXXX KA/KI/KL10 (DDQDA) 0.14 XXDDT KA10/KI/KL(DDQDB) 0.12 DDCPA CP10 0.5 DDCRA CR10 0.2 DDDFA DDDXA DF10/DF10C DX10 0.3 0.4 DDDXB DX10 0.5 DDLPA LP10 0.5 DDMMC DEC SYS 10 0.1 DDMMD KA10/KI/KL 0.2 DDMME KA10,KI10,KL10 0.1 DDHMF KA10,KI10,KL10 0.1 DDPCA PCOX 0.2 DDQCB KA10,KI/KL 0.7 DDRHA RH10 0.3 DDRPD KA10,KI10,KL10 0.3 DDRPH RH10/RP04 0.3 DDRPI RH10,RS04 0.6 DDRPK RH10/RP06 0.3 DDTHH TM10/TU70 0.3 DDTUA TU70 0.7 DDTUB TU70 0.7 DDXYA XY10 0.1 DEHMG PDP-10 0.1 DFDTE KL10 0.10 DFKAA KL10 0.2 DFKAB KL10 0.1 DFKAC KL10 0.1 DFKAD KL10 0.1 DFKBA KL10 0.1 DFKBB KL10 0.1 DFKCA KL10 0.1 DFKDA KL10 0.2 DFKFB KL10 0.1 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 10/10 STD Table of Contents (Cont) Summary Microfiche Classification Version DFKFD KL10 0.2 DFRHB RH20 0.12 DFRPH RH20/RP04 0.3 DFRPK RH20/RP06 0.3 DFSXA KL10 0.4 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 10/10 STD 10-BASED 10 STANDARD INFORMATION This module summarizes standard information and procedures which are common to many of the programs in the 10-Based 10 Maintenance Library. Htc Sync Manager App

COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 10/10 STD STANDARD ERROR FORMATS Most 10-based 10 diagnostic programs use one of the following standard error message formats. varArgs && pArgList) { + error("Expected more argument(s). When done, you will see Scan finished successfully. navigate here Normal operation Inhibit printing the test title of each program executed by D20HON.

COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 10/10 STD DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAM HIERARCHIES The following tables describe the 10-Based 10 Maintenance Library diagnostic hierarchies. Htc Sync Manager Not Working Windows 7 x64 Professional with the latest HTC Sync (downloaded today from the HTC site). Iterations.

MAGTAP also provides a simple method for transfering files between magtape and disk.

We include monotonic clock values because the +# intrinsic event log times are wall-clock. +# +# Runtime starts: +3000 boot_progress_start (time|2|3) +# SystemServer.run() starts: +3010 boot_progress_system_run (time|2|3) +# ZygoteInit class preloading starts: +3020 boot_progress_preload_start (time|2|3) +# ZygoteInit class preloading ends: +3030 boot_progress_preload_end (time|2|3) +# ActivityManagerService.systemReady() starts: +3040 boot_progress_ams_ready (time|2|3) +# ActivityManagerService calls enableScreenAfterBoot(): +3050 boot_progress_enable_screen (time|2|3) +# Package Manager starts: +3060 boot_progress_pms_start (time|2|3) +# Package Manager .apk scan starts: +3070 boot_progress_pms_system_scan_start (time|2|3) +# Package Manager .apk scan starts: +3080 boot_progress_pms_data_scan_start (time|2|3) +# Package Manager .apk scan ends: +3090 boot_progress_pms_scan_end (time|2|3) +# Package Manager ready: +3100 boot_progress_pms_ready (time|2|3) +# + check activity_launch_time for Home app + +# Do not change these names without updating the checkin_events setting in +# google3/googledata/wireless/android/provisioning/gservices.config !! +# +# An activity is being finished: +30001 am_finish_activity (Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3),(Reason|3) +# A task is being brought to the front of the screen: +30002 am_task_to_front (Task|1|5) +# An existing activity is being given a new intent: +30003 am_new_intent (Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3),(Action|3),(MIME Type|3),(URI|3),(Flags|1|5) +# A new task is being created: +30004 am_create_task (Task ID|1|5) +# A new activity is being created in an existing task: +30005 am_create_activity (Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3),(Action|3),(MIME Type|3),(URI|3),(Flags|1|5) +# An activity has been resumed into the foreground but was not already running: +30006 am_restart_activity (Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3) +# An activity has been resumed and is now in the foreground: +30007 am_resume_activity (Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3) +# Application Not Responding +30008 anr (pid|1|5),(Package Name|3),(reason|3) +# Activity launch time +30009 activity_launch_time (Token|1|5),(Component Name|3),(time|2|3) +# Application process bound to work +30010 am_proc_bound (PID|1|5),(Process Name|3) +# Application process died +30011 am_proc_died (PID|1|5),(Process Name|3) +# The Activity Manager failed to pause the given activity. +30012 am_failed_to_pause (Token|1|5),(Wanting to pause|3),(Currently pausing|3) +# Attempting to pause the current activity +30013 am_pause_activity (Token|1|5),(Component Name|3) +# Application process has been started +30014 am_proc_start (PID|1|5),(UID|1|5),(Process Name|3),(Type|3),(Component|3) +# An application process has been marked as bad +30015 am_proc_bad (UID|1|5),(Process Name|3) +# An application process that was bad is now marked as good +30016 am_proc_good (UID|1|5),(Process Name|3) +# Reporting to applications that memory is low +30017 am_low_memory (Num Processes|1|1) +# An activity is being destroyed: +30018 am_destroy_activity (Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3) +# An activity has been relaunched, resumed, and is now in the foreground: +30019 am_relaunch_resume_activity (Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3) +# An activity has been relaunched: +30020 am_relaunch_activity (Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3) +# The activity's onPause has been called. +30021 am_on_paused_called (Component Name|3) +# The activity's onResume has been called. +30022 am_on_resume_called (Component Name|3) +# Kill a process to reclaim memory. +30023 am_kill_for_memory (PID|1|5),(Process Name|3),(OomAdj|1|5) +# Discard an undelivered serialized broadcast (timeout/ANR/crash) +30024 am_broadcast_discard_filter (Broadcast|1|5),(Action|3),(Receiver Number|1|1),(BroadcastFilter|1|5) +30025 am_broadcast_discard_app (Broadcast|1|5),(Action|3),(Receiver Number|1|1),(App|3) +# A service is being created +30030 am_create_service (Service Record|1|5),(Name|3),(Intent|3),(PID|1|5) +# A service is being destroyed +30031 am_destroy_service (Service Record|1|5),(Name|3),(PID|1|5) + +# Out of memory for surfaces. +31000 wm_no_surface_memory (Window|3),(PID|1|5),(Operation|3) + +# dvm_gc_info: LIST (LONG, LONG, LONG) +# +# First LONG: +# +# [63] 1 +# [62-24] ASCII process identifier +# [23-12] GC time in ms +# [11- 0] Bytes freed +# +# Second LONG (aggregated heap info): +# +# [63-62] 10 +# [61-60] Reserved; must be zero +# [59-48] Objects freed +# [47-36] Actual size (current footprint) +# [35-24] Allowed size (current hard max) +# [23-12] Objects allocated +# [11- 0] Bytes allocated +# +# Third LONG (zygote heap info): +# +# [63-62] 11 +# [61-60] Reserved; must be zero +# [59-48] Soft limit +# [47-36] Actual size (current footprint) +# [35-24] Allowed size (current hard max) +# [23-12] Objects allocated +# [11- 0] Bytes allocated +# +# Fourth LONG: +# +# [63-48] Reserved; must be zero +# [47-36] dlmallocFootprint +# [35-24] mallinfo: total allocated space +# [23-12] External byte limit +# [11- 0] External bytes allocated +# +# See HeapDebug.c +# +20001 dvm_gc_info (custom|2),(custom|2),(custom|2),(custom|2) +20002 dvm_gc_madvise_info (total|1|2),(zygote|1|2) + +75000 sqlite_mem_alarm_current (current|1|2) +75001 sqlite_mem_alarm_max (max|1|2) +75002 sqlite_mem_alarm_alloc_attempt (attempts|1|4) +75003 sqlite_mem_released (Memory released|1|2) + +40000 checkin (Check in time|2|3) + +50000 menu_item_selected (Menu type where 0 is options and 1 is context|1|5),(Menu item title|3) +50001 menu_opened (Menu type where 0 is options and 1 is context|1|5) + +# Connectivity state changed: +# [31- 9] Reserved for future use +# [ 8- 3] Detailed state ordinal (as defined by NetworkInfo.DetailedState) +# [ 2- 0] Network type (as defined by ConnectivityManager) +50020 connectivity_state_changed (custom|1|5) + +# Wi-Fi network state changed: +# [31- 6] Reserved for future use +# [ 5- 0] Detailed state ordinal (as defined by NetworkInfo.DetailedState) +50021 wifi_network_state_changed (network_state|1|5) + +# Wi-Fi supplicant state changed: +# [31- 6] Reserved for future use +# [ 5- 0] Supplicant state ordinal (as defined by SupplicantState) +50022 wifi_supplicant_state_changed (supplicant_state|1|5) + +# Wi-Fi driver state changed: +# [31- 1] Reserved for future use +# [ 0- 0] Driver start (1) or stopped (0) +50023 wifi_driver_state_changed (driver_state|1|5) + +# Wi-Fi interface configuration state changed: +# [31- 1] Reserved for future use +# [ 0- 0] Interface configuration succeeded (1) or failed (0) +50024 wifi_interface_configuration_state_changed (IP_configuration|1|5) + +# Wi-Fi supplicant connection state changed: +# [31- 1] Reserved for future use +# [ 0- 0] Connected to supplicant (1) or disconnected from supplicant (0) +50025 wifi_supplicant_connection_state_changed (connected|1|5) + +# PDP Context has a bad DNS address +50100 pdp_bad_dns_address (dns_address|3) + +# Do not change these names without updating tag in: +#//device/dalvik/libcore/luni/src/main/native/org_apache_harmony_luni_platform_OSNetworkSystem.c +51000 socket_stats (send|1|2),(recv|1|2),(ip|1|5),(port|1|5),(close|1|5) + +60000 viewroot_draw (Draw time|1|3) +60001 viewroot_layout (Layout time|1|3) +60002 view_build_drawing_cache (View created drawing cache|1|5) +60003 view_use_drawing_cache (View drawn using bitmap cache|1|5) + +70000 screen_toggled (0 for screen off, 1 for screen on, 2 for key-guard done|1|5) SourceForge About Site Status @sfnet_ops Powered by Apache Alluraâ„¢ Find and Develop Software Create a Project Software Directory Top Downloaded Projects Community Blog @sourceforge Resources Help Site Documentation Support Request © 2016 Slashdot Media. Xeyph, I think it would be a bit more helpful if you were specific about where you found that file and how you went about downloading it... The tape unit must be slave and the diagnostic magtape must be written at 800 bits/in. Htc Sync Manager Mac The correct test data results. 4.

iPhone 7 Plus Honor your past Which Nexus phones should Google's Pixels take after? UOOCU J. The left half digits typed will be shared by all programs in the control file. his comment is here This can be verified, if necessary, by using the 11-Based 10 Maintenance Library.

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04-13-2015,05:21 PM #17 Antoine3372 Posts 2 Posts Re: HTC Sync Manager problem! All the info Google Pixel: Everything you need to know Next Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S8 rumor roundup Note 7 recall Latest: Note 7 faces second recall as Samsung cancels phone Expensive but worth it? Type: 0-7 to indicate which DECtape unit contains the program(s) to be run. Phone is not connected.

KLAD10.SAV requires WHEEL privileges. Forums News Reviews Apps Virtual Reality Help & How To Question & Answer Contests Podcasts The Best Wallpapers Videos Shop Accessories About Android Central Tip Us On News Download our app! S to direct DIAMON to search all mounted and selected DECtapes to find the program(s) . if 0, one iteration is assumed.

The operator makes the actual physical assignment. All subsequent programs will be run in normal mode. A DECtape containing DTBOOT in the boot block (block 0) must be mounted on transport 0. If the T command was used to build the control file, a Tz (control Z) will close the file and return to DIAMON command mode.

For this reason it is recommended that KLDCP be used whenever possible to load and run 10-based 10 diagnostic programs. Respond by typing the name of the control file. They are as follows. 1. Both procedures assume that the user is logged in, that the program to be run is not in the [60,60] or F-S area, that special user-mode privileges are required to run the program, and that the device to be tested must be assigned to the user's job.

Phone is not connected. Consult the listing for error explanation. The RUBOUT will print three Xs and delete the entire line.