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Hp Officejet V Series V40 Error 388

The cost is 0.71/ml vs. 0.85/ml. Features: High Speed USB 2.0 A - B Printer Cable Backwards compatible with USB 1.0 & 1.1 Compatible with: PC/Macs & all HP Printers Connector Type: USB A Male to B Male Cable Length: 1.8 m approx Transfer Speed: 480 Mbps High speed USB 2.0, backwards compatible with usb1/usb 1.1/usb 2.0 Stock Code: USB-A-B HP Apollo Series P1200 P1220 P1250i P2100 P2200 P2500 P2600 HP Business Inkjet Series 1000 1100d 1100dtn 1200 1200d 1200dn 1200dtn 1200dtwn 1700c 1700cp 2000c 2000cn 2200 2200se 2200xi 2230 2250 2250tn 2280 2280tn 2300 2300dtn 2300n 2500 2500c 2500cm 2600 2600dn 2800 2800dt 2800dtn 3000 3000dn 3000dtn 3000n HP Colour Copier Series 100 110 120 140 145 150 155 160 170 180 190 210 210Lx 260 270 280 290 310 CP1160 CP1700 CP1700ps HP Colour LaserJet Series 1500 1500L 1500Lxi 1600 2500 2500L 2500Lse 2500n 2500tn 2550 2550L 2550Ln 2550n 2600n 2605 2605dn 2605dtn 2700 2700n 2800 2820 2840 3000 3000dn 3000dtn 3000n 3500 3500n 3550 3600 3600dn 3600n 3700 3700dn 3700dtn 3700n 3800 3800dn 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CP5525xh CP6015 CP6015de CP6015dn CP6015n CP6015x CP6015xh HP CopyJet Series CopyJet CopyJet M HP DesignJet Series 100 100 Plus 1000 1000cse 1000cxi 1050c 1050c Plus 1055cm 1055cm Plus 10ps 110 110 Plus 110 Plus nr 110 Plus r 120 120nr 130 130gp 130nr 200 2000cp 20ps 220 230 2500cp 250c 2800cp 30 3000cp 30gp 30n 330 3500cp 350c 3800cp 4000 4000ps 430 4500 4500mfp 4500ps 450c 4520hd 455c 455ca 488ca 500 500 Plus 5000 5000ps 500ps 500ps Plus 50ps 510 510ps 5500 5500ps 600 650 650c 650cd 650ps 70 700 700c 750c 750c Plus 755 755cm 800 800ps 815mfp 820mfp 90 90gp 90r Colourpro Colourpro CAD Colourpro GA Copier CC800ps T1100 T1100mfp T1100ps 24-in T1100ps 44-in T1120hd T1120sd T1200 T1200 PostScript T2300 T610 T620 T7100 T770 Z2100 Z2100 Photo Z2100gp Photo Z3100 Z3100 Photo Z3100gp Photo Z3100ps GP Z3100ps Photo Z3200 Z3200 Photo Z3200ps Photo Z5200 Z6100 Photo Z6100ps Z6200 HP Deskjet Series Deskjet 1000c 1000cse 1000cxi 1050 1100c 1100cse 1100cxi 1120c 1120cse 1120cxi 1125c 1150cxi 1180c 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The result was that the printer gave an "Out of Paper" error. I have turned the printer on and off, hit cancel, reset by plugging in the power cord while holding down the 6 and # keys. Source

I read your list of instructions, and I will give it a try, though it sounds a bit complicated. Also this happens whether attached via USB or Parrallel cable. Is there something else? printing problems officejet v40. https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/LaserJet-Printing/Fax-error-code-388-how-to-resolve/td-p/2339029

Why do i have a error message c00f0401 fax error 344 · driver · manual · scan · place align. Where can I order that plastic strip that is behind the printer cartridge inside the printer. Thanks for all the help everyone has been giving. Retry the fax reception when telephone line conditions have improved.

This prevented the fax from receiving any more pages, and caused it to terminate the session prematurely. Likewise, green and red both appear more as deep light blue and pinkish-red, respectively. by Bert on May 16, 2004 at 12:45am Add comment Please sign in to comment 0 I purchased a duplexer (part C6463A) for my OfficeJet G85xi some time ago. The only scanning it will do is to do a screen shot.

Unplug the motor connector to free the service station from the mechanism. HP Compatible Inkjets Filter Filter Grid List Items 1 to 12 of 62 total Sort By Position asc. by Michael on May 12, 2004 at 8:30pm Add comment Please sign in to comment 1 thank you so much for the help!! http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-buu02549 Retry the fax reception when telephone line conditions have improved.

It is HP # 0950-3807. I HAVE AN HP OFFICEJET V40 AND THE ERROR CODE i.e. The click, heard for an incoming call, is actually a momentary disconnect of the line. Contact the sender to make sure a document is ready and correctly loaded in the sending fax machine.

I just delivered it to him it works fine. http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/posts/16440 When I take out and reinsert the cartridge (which is full anyway) the machine carries on. A downloadable driver plug-in is required for printing support. A recent post claimed that cleaning the mirrors and lenses could resuscitate them.

Removing the rear cover. this contact form Confirm that the local user really wants to attempt a poll reception. Set the local machine to receive at a lower transmission speed. Any help would be much appreciated.

Any suggestions? The encoder strip threads through a slot in the carriage and connects to spring hook on the left and a stationary hook on the right. Any ideas anyone? http://orgias.org/hp-officejet/hp-officejet-pro-l7500-series-error.html The wiring obscures it.

This will take a while but after a few rinsings nearly all of the ink will be removed. I can hear it when I push the papesr tray back, but I can't see it. Price desc.

If the local machine received several pages of a larger document successfully, ask the remote user to send the document in several smaller parts. 253 The remote machine attempted to initiate a page transmission using a page width that is not supported by the local machine.

Enable ECM. Open the printer as if you are going to remove the cartridges. Pry them apart with a slot style screwdriver. But when I print a test page only pink and black show up.

by Anonymous on Oct 12, 2006 at 11:47am Add comment Please sign in to comment 1 They are long since discontinued by HP, to encourage you to buy their new throw-away printer instead. I don't think the definitions are up to date. You can get a T10 Torx driver at a hardware store or a tool specialty store. Check This Out how the heck do you load it for fax purposes we can't get it to fax any other way except by scan.

Use caution as you remove it in case you do not have all of the cables previously mentioned disconnected. Removing the Service Station 1. Try the fax when telephone line conditions have improved. HP Officejet v40 Win Printer Driver Download.

An error code can have more than one definition (cause), and more than one solution. I do know that if your G85 has seen heavy usage that its possible that the service station sump ran over. I have one that fits having 120 volts and output 30V. h10025.www1.hp.com by Bert on May 24, 2004 at 9:15am Add comment Please sign in to comment 0 months ago i had a problem with my color on the g85, i purchased a new color cartridge and the problem remained.

After that my G85 usually goes into "scannner failure"--also my G85 doesn't seem to be communicating with the computer (HP pavilion with XP). I have had this fax for only a couple months and this is the first time this has happened. Configure the remote machine for document reception by clearing any paper jams, loading sufficient paper, and clearing any other error messages. I think I am having the same problem, but it seems to be occurring more permanently.

These errors can occur if the phone lines in the area to be faxed are old or there is noise (static on the phone line). Official Shop for laptops, desktops, All-In-One PCs, printers, ink toner, monitors, and Windows. I could not find any repair manuals for any officejet printers. To fit the following models: HP OFFICEJET AIO 6000, 6500, OFFICEJET WIRELESS AIO 6000, 6500, OFFICEJET E-AIO 6500A, OFFICEJET PLUS E-AIO 6500A, OFFICEJET WIDE FORMAT 7000, OFFICEJET WIDE FORMAT E-AIO 7500A £9.00 Quick View £9.00 Add to Cart Quick View Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Quick View JET TEC HP920 MAGENTA This quality HP compatible ink cartridge is suitable for most home and office situations.

Can someone help me?Thanks - Anonymous 0 My ethernet cable going between two buildings, got struck by lightning and blew out the motherboards on both computers and also the Officejet G85 printer on the one will not power up at all.