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In some instances, electrical noise in the cable can corrupt data during transmission to the printer. I will try to give you the info you want. Check to see if you have the green access door just in front of the upper cooling fan in the right rear corner of the printer. View More Testimonials Need Help ? Check This Out

Remove the card and reseat it, try swapping with a know good card from another printer. ERROR 14 - No EP Cartridge or No Toner Cartridges No toner cartridge or cartridge not fully seated - pull it out and install it again. I will have purchasing call in an order. Error 21 Print Overrun The print job is to complex. http://fixyourownprinter.com/posts/8765

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There should be some print on the page if it's getting that far, just the top inch or so. One of them could be bad otherwise ... If it clears the error it was most likely caused by a low power problem i.e.

It can also be caused by a defective DC controller. probably for insufficient memory. On the IIP/IIIP the connections for the high voltage are made on the left side of the printer so you may want to favor that side as you install the cartridge. Hp Laserjet 6mp X represents the fan motor number associated with the error.

To identify if you have one of the suspected power supplies in you HP LJ IIP, first check the S/N. Hp 6p Specs If the lamp begins to heat (you can feel the roller, but be very careful it's HOT ) its not the lamp or the thermal fuse and is most likely the triac (can replace with NTE 5608 or an NTE 5645) failing when current is drawn by the halogen heater lamp. The HP LaserJet 5P/6P indicates service errors in a similar manner to the 4L/4ML except there are 5 indicator lights. On the right side of the fuser is a set screw - look in the area of the cover latch.

Bad paper pickup solenoid. Hp Laserjet 6p Manual Error 79 Software/drivers, Memory PCA's, Font-Macro-Personality Cartridges, option I/O Cards. If error persists, remove printer data cable and power cycle again. If this is successful, you have a problem with the optional I/O card and should replace it or reset it.

Hp 6p Specs

Ken,I see the following:1. https://www.printersupplies.com/errors.html by Anonymous on Mar 18, 2003 at 2:40am Add comment Please sign in to comment 0 The error being received is not a continuable error.The error and data lights on indicate a 41.1, 41.2, or 41.3 error, this is likely a problem with the laser scanner connections.Try reseating the scanner connectors.This error can also indicate a multifeed, wrong size paper, or an overfilled or improperly adjusted casette (tray). Hp 6p Toner Buy the Full Version You're Reading a Free Preview Page 117 is not shown in this preview. Hp Laserjet 6p Driver Scroll through items until "I/O =" appears and use the +/- key to display parallel and the enter key to select.

In this case, a firmware recovery DIMM is available. http://orgias.org/hp-laserjet/hp-printer-error-code-30016.html If all four lights are on, press and hold the blue panel button to display a secondary light pattern. IIP/IIP+/IIIP "53 Error Memory Unit 1" - This indicates a problem with the optional memory card installed in either slot one or slot two. You may need to reseat the memory DIMM's or replace the firmware DIMM or formatter board. Hp Laserjet 6p Error Lights

If it's broken, you will need to replace the sensor flag. Verify SIMM's are seated properly, replace any defective 5Si 59.X Main motor malfunction X=1: Main motor startup failure, X=2: Main motor rotation failure ERROR 62.X 62.0 Service, 62.1-4 Service, 62.5 Service, 62.6 Service All Printers - SERVICE 1. As long as I hold both buttons, the front (green) LED then stays on. http://orgias.org/hp-laserjet/hp-p2015d-error-code.html This LED pattern, while pressing the front panel button, indicates a formatter error.

Are you referring to something else? Hp Laserjet 6p Troubleshooting Can also be DC controller. 5Si/4+/4Si/IIISi (X=2, 3 or 4) Fan motor faulty, check fan number X or duplexor fan and replace as necessary 5 Main motor failure - replace main motor 4+ 57.1 Gears are siezed, motor is bad or DC controller is bad 4Si/IIISi 57.1 Gears siezed, faulty top cover switch, faulty AC interlock switch, J010 loose or faulty, bad main motor PCA LJ 4000/405 An error occurred with the Fan's motor. Press GO to resume printing.

For example, 1 = fan motor 1.

Error 30 PS Error XX - ALL PRINTERS PCL file was sent to the printer while in PostScript mode or the PostScript file contains bad data, or you have experienced and application error (crash). You may need additional memory. 4L Same thing with to much data or the page is to complex. Loosen this screw. Hp Laserjet 6mp Toner Again on the LJII/III we are starting to see more and more failures of the gear drive assembly.

The first location is just above the AC inlet either on the P/N label RG1-1782 or to the left of the label. On the LJII/III and the Apple Laserwriter II series, this error is generally caused by loose connectors and may be indicated by an error 51 message. When reseating the connector, use a small flat blade screwdriver to fully seat the female connector ends. navigate here When I first apply AC power, all 6 LEDs light. (3 on front, and 3 on top).If I press (and hold) both buttons, the front LEDs go out, and the top 3 sequence (one at a time) from front to back, and this occurs 3 times.

ERROR 30 - PS Error 16, PS Error 22 or 25 Error 30, PS Error XX Error 30 PS Error 16 - ALL PRINTERS An I/O time-out or a prompt for user interaction like a manual feed has been exceeded. With the cover off, the printer will think there is paper in the manual feed since the sensor arm is hanging off the cover. Power cycle the printer by unplugging from the power source. Verify SIMM's are seated properly, replace any defective 5Si 59.X Main motor malfunciton X=1: Main motor startup failure, X=2: Main motor rotation 59.XY 4200/4300 Series Main motor failure, check wiring harness Replace main motor, replace DC controller PCA 59.A or 59.4 EP Motor Failure - Replace print cartridge motor (LJ 4300 ONLY) failure Back ERROR 60.2 Tray2 Lifter Motor Not Functioning Power cycle the printer (OFF/ON) Verify that the tray 2 lifter wire-harness is full seated in its connector on the dc controller PCA Replace Tray 2 lifter drive assembly Replace DC controller PCA Back ERROR 62.X 62.0 Service, 62.1-4 Service, 62.5 Service, 62.6 Service All Printers 1.

Issues HP laser jet 1000- problem 4200n - Faint line in printing HP 5000 error code 0100920310050c HP6p won't even attempt to pick up paper hp-4300 paper curl after exit phaser 850 hp 2200 feeds single sheet then "attention" HP5000 69.0 Printer Error HP Manuals Refilling Laser Printer Cartridges Hp 1200 series density adjment hp lj 2430 error 49 Laser Jet 4550 HP Laserjet 4050 Laser Jet Toner Cartridges HP LJ5 SI error 79.13.10 8150 Registration Prob. HP 3600 59.30 Error HP 2200 Skewing HP 3700 13.20 Error HP CLJ 8500 50.4 error HP 5500 dn Black banding HP 9000 Accordian Folds Need EMC + CB test report for HP 4200 HP Color Laserjet 5550dn HP 1500 HP Color Laserjet 8500DN HP 4600 HP 3600 Damaging Prints HP 1600/2600 Cartridge weights? Press front panel button to see secondary indicator pattern. You can depress these by hand and hear them click.

Most times this can simply be reinstalled. XX Description 00 memory error on the cartridge or 01 memory device not found 10.00.00 Black print cartridge 10.00.01 Cyan print cartridge 10.00.02 Magenta print cartridge 10.00.03 Yellow print cartridge Supplies used in newer printer models contain a memory chip. I had internet trouble, and did not see your reply until today.I am at home, and the printer in question is at my shop. You may need additional memory. 4L Same thing with to much data or the page is to complex.

Am I doing the correct things for obtaining codes?Best regards to you also!!!Jim by unknown on Mar 8, 2003 at 3:41pm Add comment Please sign in to comment 0 I should have been more specific about the fan...when the printer is powered on and goes to "Ready" state, is the fan running then? (if I remember correctly, it won't run if there is an error condition). This requires removal of the cover, an unpleasant task, and measurement of the fuser terminals. Check pickup rollers and separation pad clean as needed. Occasionally the contact for the micro switch will get bent and will have to be replaced.

Temporary Error: Power off for 20 minutes to allow the capacitor on the DC controller to fully discharge. This is not the way to troubleshoot. by moe on Mar 6, 2003 at 5:59pm Add comment Please sign in to comment 0 Yeah...thanks Moe! After 20 seconds from power-on, all 6 LEDs come on for about 6 seconds.3.