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Remove the printing-unit top cover 91 Figure 62. You will get rid of it by downloading and launching Malwarebytes from : http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10896905.html If it's something you volontarily downloaded and installed in your printers software , you need to go to the Control Panel \ Programs , delete the software and disconnect your unit . Soft, tight weave; lint-free. ADF unit (1 of 2) 159 Table 35.

Print a configuration page and check the printer settings to determine which values have changed. 2. Attempt the RFU installation again. : !...".!.-:::■: =...■ :::-... .:. =:::■ =..."... =... =..■:: : =:::"...: :..■"..■:: : : : :::= !...= :■■■ :::=: ■::::=...: s : : :::= : : :::=.. =:::■: No update occurred. Use the numeric keypad to type a value for the leading-edge adjustment. To check the number of pages the product has printed, either print a configuration page or a supplies status page.

Replace the hard disk.5. ClickDownload Drivers and Software.Check for the latest firmware imageversion at the bottom of the page. The message displayed on the control panel changes from Paused to Read=:::i. Model and serial number label Note If the control panel fails, the model and serial number label panel must be removed (see "Control- panel door" on page 79) and installed on the replacement control panel.

Remove the power supply 1 02 Figure 78. I"" .1. -i::!!:::-!" I M-:::!!" "■i..!-.!.":::!!" ■-:::' I"" ■:::! "I .1. ■..■! Jun 09, 2010 | HP LaserJet 9500n Printer 1 Answer 49.4c02 service error in hp laserjet 2300n HP 2300 ERROR 49.XX • A critical firmware error has occurred on the printer • Turn printer off then on • Disconnect the parallel cable or the network cable • If message still there when the network cable is disconnected upgrade firmware in jet direct card and the formatter board • Bad network cable • Replace firmware DIMM • Replace the jet direct card • Replace formatter board • Replace engine board 95% of the time it is a PDF that has a font that is not recognized by the printer! It will be reset if not removed. 1.

Using the ADF Note The source documents must be placed in the ADF input with the side you intend to copy facing up. 1 Before placing documents in the ADF, prepare the documents by doing the following: • flatten curls or wrinkles • remove staples, paper clips, sticky notes, and similar materials Place documents in the ADF input tray. 2 3 4 5 On the control panel, select the sending or copying options you want to use. If a 68.0 error persists, contact HP Support. 4. If the problem persists, turn the printer off and then on. 4. https://www.marketpoint.com/68-permanent-storag-error-hp-laserjet-4250.aspx Supported paper sizes and weights for the ADF 18 Table 6.

See "Service menu" on page 127. See "Menus" on page 32. ENERGY STAR® iS a U.S. For 68.1 errors, use the HP Web Jetdirect software to delete files from the disk drive.

It will be reset if not removed. 3. http://www.fixya.com/support/t16460345-hp_2420_68_3d03_error User replaceable. See "Expected life of components" in the HP LaserJet 41 00 series printer service manual. Entering a higher value than the current setting moves the image toward the left edge of the page. 6 Press the select ( /) button to save the setting. 7 Use the ADF to scan a source document (use the calibration target page if you have already automaticall HP Color LaserJet CP4005 / HP Color LaserJet CP4005 Printers Information Settings Networking Device Status Configuration Page Supplies Status Event Log Usage Page Diagnostics Page Device Information Control Panel Color Usage Job Log Print Other Links hp instant support Shop for Supplies Product Support Event Log Current Engine Cycles: 125896 Serial Number: JP1NB01501 Number of Entries in Use: 50 Maximum Number of Entries: 50 Number Date and Time Engine Cycles Event Description or Personality 50 2016-Sep-26 09:19 AM 125622 13.02.00 PAPER FEED 1, PAPER STOPPED JAM 49 2016-Aug-17 02:26 PM 125169 13.01.00 PAPER FEED 1, PAPER LATE JAM 48 2016-Jun-08 09:25 AM 123872 41.05.00 GENERAL MISPRINT ERROR 47 2016-Jun-08 09:25 AM 123872 54.05 Media Sensor Abnormality 46 2016-Mar-10 09:21 AM 122215 13.02.00 PAPER FEED 1, PAPER STOPPED JAM 45 2016-Feb-24 04:37 PM 121848 60.02.00 Printer Error 44 2016-Feb-22 10:45 AM 121770 49.FF04 Printer Error 43 2015-Oct-30 02:46 PM 119625 13.11.00 DUPLEX TURN AROUND, PAPER STOPPED JAM 42 2015-Oct-14 12:39 PM 118707 54.05 Media Sensor Abnormality 41 2015-Oct-14 12:34 PM 118698 13.01.00 PAPER FEED 1, PAPER LATE JAM 40 2015-Oct-14 12:25 PM 118603 13.01.00 PAPER FEED 1, PAPER LATE JAM 39 2015-Oct-09 04:50 PM 118138 13.01.00 PAPER FEED 1, PAPER LATE JAM 38 2015-Oct-09 04:45 PM 118115 13.01.00 PAPER FEED 1, PAPER LATE JAM 37 2015-Sep-18 12:00 PM 117399 13.01.00 PAPER FEED 1, PAPER LATE JAM 36 2015-Aug-05 05:20 PM 116449 13.20.00 PRINTER COULD NOT AUTOMATICALLY EJECT PAPER 35 2015-Jul-07 11:55 AM 116200 49.FF04 Printer Error 34 2015-Jun-26 04:43 PM 116160 49.FF04 Printer Error 33 2015-Jun-16 07:08 AM 115960 68 1101 32 2015-Jun-16 07:08 AM 115960 68 8006 Printer Error 31 2015-Jun-16 07:08 AM 115960 68 3D02 30 2015-Jun-16 07:08 AM 115960 68 8006 Printer Error 29 2015-Jun-16 06:53 AM 115966 99.00.02 28 2015-Apr-16 03:44 PM 114570 49.FF04 Printer Error 27 2015-Apr-06 04:33 PM 114480 49.FF04 Printer Error 26 2015-Mar-05 09:22 PM 113840 49.FF04 Printer Error 25 2015-Feb-24 06:49 PM 113610 49.FF04 Printer Error 24 2015-Feb-20 07:00 PM 113560 49.FF04 Printer Error 23 2014-Nov-03 04:20 PM 112150 54.0C.03 Halftone calibration error 22 2014-Nov-03 04:20 PM 112150 54.0C.01 Halftone calibration error 21 2014-Nov-03 04:20 PM 112150 54.0C.02 Halftone calibration error 20 2014-Nov-03 11:54 AM 112153 10.81.00 Not printing black only 19 2014-Oct-24 03:49 PM 111990 54.0C.03 Halftone calibration error 18 2014-Oct-24 03:49 PM 111990 54.0C.01 Halftone calibration error 17 2014-Oct-24 03:49 PM 111990 54.0C.02 Halftone calibration error 16 2014-Oct-21 01:02 PM 111913 41.05.00 GENERAL MISPRINT ERROR 15 2014-Oct-21 01:02 PM 111913 54.05 Media Sensor Abnormality 14 2014-Sep-19 03:50 PM 111072 13.06.00 FUSER OUTPUT, PAPER STOPPED JAM 13 2014-Sep-15 09:41 AM 111040 54.0C.03 Halftone calibration error 12 2014-Sep-15 09:41 AM 111040 54.0C.01 Halftone calibration error 11 2014-Sep-15 09:41 AM 111040 54.0C.02 Halftone calibration error 10 2014-Aug-29 05:57 PM 110840 49.FF04 Printer Error 9 2014-Jul-21 12:56 PM 110776 10.80.03 Override not in use due to user limit 8 2014-Jul-03 04:25 PM 110670 54.0C.03 Halftone calibration error 7 2014-Jul-03 04:25 PM 110670 54.0C.01 Halftone calibration error 6 2014-Jul-03 04:25 PM 110670 54.0C.02 Halftone calibration error 5 2014-Jul-03 04:24 PM 110670 49.FF04 Printer Error 4 2014-Jun-11 01:21 PM 110670 49.FF04 Printer Error 3 2014-Jun-11 01:14 PM 110670 10.71.00 Printing black only 2 2014-Jun-11 01:13 PM 110670 49.FF04 Printer Error 1 2014-Jun-11 01:10 PM 110670 49.FF04 Printer Error

Installing the update CAUTION If a firmware update involves a change in the format on nonvolatile random-access memory (NVRAM), any user-set settings (for example, configure device settings) revert to default settings. Physical specifications 16 Table 2. Below is the information to access the Service Menu to enter the information. General ADF jam troubleshooting 1 28 Table 22.

MFP menu map 1 of 2 C91 48-90909 3 Operation 33 Menu map, continued t CONFIGURE DEVICE DIAGNOSTICS SERVICE (password protected) Print System Setup Originals Sending Printing Quality I/O Paper E-Mail Copies Set Registration Job Storage I/O Timeout 15 Size Scan (1 - 32,000) Print Test Page Limit (0-100) 32 Letter Preference: Source= Tray 2 Parallel Input BW, Color Default Adjust Tray 1 Job Held Timeout High Speed YES Number Paper Size Adjust Tray 2 (Off, 1hr, 4hr) Advanced Functions ON of Sides File Type: Letter (1,2) PDF Resolution Power Save Time Find Send TIFF Default (300, 600, (1, 15, 30, 90min 'Gateways Content MTIFF Custom FastRes 1200, 1, 2, 4 hours) (Text, JPEG Paper Size ProRes1200) SMTP Gateway Graphics, (unit - X/Y Copy/Send Mixed) Find Send Gateways dimension) Ret (Off, Light, Settings LDAP Gateway Contrast SMTP Gateway LDAP Gateway Test Send Gateways Override IVIedium, Dark) Reset Copy Timeout 60 Reset Send Timeout EI0 1 (0-8)4 A4/Letter (Yes/No) Economode (Off/On) 60 Hold Off Print Job JetDirect Menu TCP/IP ON ON Config Method Copying Manual Feed Toner Density Hold Off Tme 15 BootTP IPX/SPX ON (On/Off) (1-5) -3 Scan Ahead ON Auto Job Interrupt OFF Frame Type Number of Sides (1>2) Courier Font Small Paper AppleTalk ON DLC/LLC ON (Regular/Dark) Mode Copy Job Interrupt Link Speed AUTO Image Quality (Normal, Best) WideA4 (NoA'es) (Normal/Slow) Auto Cleaning OFF Personality (Auto, PCL, PS) Test Send Gateways Collate (Off/On) (Off/On) Print PS Errors Clearable (On/Off) Create Warnings Copies (1 to 999) PCL Cleaning Page (Job, On) Form Length 60 Auto Continue Background Orientation Portrait (Off, On) Resets Removal Font Source Internal (0-8) 2 Font Number Font Pitch 10.00 Symbol Set PC-8 Toner Low Continue Restore Factory Append CR to LF NO (Stop, Continue) Toner Out Continue (Stop, Continue) Jann Recovery (Off, On, Auto) Language English Powersave ON Lock Carriage Clear Address Book Print Event Log Show Event Log Calibrate Scanner Paper Path Test Scanner Control Panel Calibrate Lead Adjust Center adjust Leading Edge Glass Side Edge Glass Print Test Page Source Tray 2 Copies 1 Sensors ADF Output Motor Flatbed Motor Pickup Solenoid Lamp LEDs Displays Buttons Clear Event Log Total Page Count Maintenance Count Maintenance Interval 200000 ADF Count Flatbed Count ADF Simplex Count Copy Scan Count Send Scan Count Copy Pages Count Scanner Settings Serial Number xxxxxxxxx Cold Reset Paper Size A4/Letter Save Settings Restore Settings Figure 12. Press the clear, plastic sheet down onto the spindles. This message appears while the printer is reprogramming the DIMM with the .RFU file information. |;|.::::-; "I" I™ s":!'"' !■■•■!■■■■■: !■■■:■!■ :--"l'"' I :"": I":":""': I'": 'i T ". .■■■: I ' This message appears from the time the printer finishes reprogramming the DIMM until the printer re-initializes. Check Out the Latest Printers Report View all Fixya Reports Top HP Printers & Copiers Experts kakima Level 3 Expert 93523 Answers k24674 Level 3 Expert 7983 Answers Brian Sullivan Level 3 Expert 27725 Answers Are you a HP Printer and Copier Expert?

The keyboard is used for digital-sending features and for typing other data. Major assemblies Figure 5. For trouble shooting 79 and 80 errors you want to determine if external I/O devices are the cause or if it is the formatter.

When the display begins showing the memory count, press and hold the UP button until all three lights on the control panel are lit.

Press CANCEL JOB to clear the print job from the printer memory. 2. Turns out that a document formatted for duplexing apparently caused a formatter error. Select Select .:....:..:..:..:...■.■: Select The message 8 ■■■255 appears on the control-panel display. Front view Product parts (front view; right side) 1 automatic document feeder (ADF) input (with sliding media guides) 2 ADF cover (lifts for access to the glass) 3 control-panel door (provides access to the print cartridge; serial and model numbers are located on a panel underneath the door) 4 control panel 5 output bin (for printed output and copies) Figure 3.

HP LaserJet 4100 differences 146 Table 29. Press the DOWN button. Copy processor board LEDs (initialization sequence) 59 Table 1 0. The times I got stumped were usually when I listened to the whole long story, and ended up in the same blind alley as the tech did.

If the 68.0 error persists, initialize NVRAM.5. Figu '6 5. If the error persists, replace the firmware DIMM. 13. q Go to the website http://www.hp.com/go/lj41 00_firmware website and download the update.

Replace the formatterHP LASER PRINTER P3005, 3027M, 3035 ERROR 68.X1.