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Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Decode HResult = -2147467259 up vote 16 down vote favorite 7 Can someone help me decode this HResult? HRESULTs are organized as follows:[1] Bit 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Field S R C N X Facility Code Format details[edit] S - Severity - indicates success/fail 0 - Success 1 - Failure R - Reserved portion of the facility code, corresponds to NT's second severity bit. 1 - Severe Failure C - Customer. See the following screen shot:  See Also:How to implement error handlingCommon HRESULT Values Windows Wiki Menu Skip to content Home Msdn Hresult Error Codes However, this is a coordinated transaction, and a number of enlisted resources were aborted outright because they could not support abort-retaining semantics. 0x0004D004 XACT_S_OKINFORM No changes were made during this call, but the sink wants another chance to look if any other sinks make further changes. 0x0004D005 XACT_S_MADECHANGESCONTENT The sink is content and wants the transaction to proceed. http://orgias.org/error-codes/hresult-error-codes.html

See the following screen shot:   Use the three-digit code (520) to find the error on the library documentation page. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (September 2016) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) In the field of computer programming, the HRESULT is a data type used in Windows operating systems, and the earlier IBM/Microsoft OS/2 operating system, to represent error conditions, and warning conditions. I know the negative stands for a failure. These libraries are ESRI.ArcGIS.Geometry (esriGeometryError and esriSpatialReferenceError enumerations) and ESRI.ArcGIS.Geodatabase (esriDataConverterError enumeration). https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc704587.aspx

Hresult Values Win32 Error Codes

Open the ErrLook.exe utility (or access it from the Visual Studio Command Prompt). In addition, receivers of an HRESULT error can obtain localized text for the error message on demand. Detailed instructions for the number conversions that are often necessary when working with HRESULTs is also provided.

If a question is poorly phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, or edit the question and fix the problem. The following table lists the currently defined facility codes: Value Meaning FACILITY_NULL 0 The default facility code. FACILITY_SXS 23 The source of the error code is Side-by-side servicing. Hresult 0x80131500 There are identifiers missing in the catalog. 0x000D1361 NS_S_TRACK_ALREADY_DOWNLOADED Track already downloaded. 0x000D1519 NS_S_PUBLISHING_POINT_STARTED_WITH_FAILED_SINKS The publishing point successfully started, but one or more of the requested data writer plug-ins failed. 0x000D2726 NS_S_DRM_LICENSE_ACQUIRED Status message: The license was acquired. 0x000D2727 NS_S_DRM_INDIVIDUALIZED Status message: The security upgrade has been completed. 0x000D2746 NS_S_DRM_MONITOR_CANCELLED Status message: License monitoring has been canceled. 0x000D2747 NS_S_DRM_ACQUIRE_CANCELLED Status message: License acquisition has been canceled. 0x000D276E NS_S_DRM_BURNABLE_TRACK The track is burnable and had no playlist burn limit. 0x000D276F NS_S_DRM_BURNABLE_TRACK_WITH_PLAYLIST_RESTRICTION The track is burnable but has a playlist burn limit. 0x000D27DE NS_S_DRM_NEEDS_INDIVIDUALIZATION A security upgrade is required to perform the operation on this media file. 0x000D2AF8 NS_S_REBOOT_RECOMMENDED Installation was successful; however, some file cleanup is not complete.

zoals ook Error 2732 bij het proberen e installeren.. Hresult C# I have been trying all ways to get the error code out of hr1, it's been days now, and I am so frustated. The tool now resides under the Tools menu in Visual Studio. -or- Open Windows Explorer. Navigate to Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools to use errlook.exe from this location. FACILITY_USERMODE_VIRTUALIZATION 55 The source of the error code is the user mode virtualization subsystem.

Locate the 10-digit decimal HRESULT you obtained in Step 8 of the preceding section (that is, –2147220984). Hresult Msdn FACILITY_METADIRECTORY 35 The source of the error code is the Microsoft Identity Server. The severity code indicates whether the return value represents information, warning, or error. How about the rest of the 10 bits?

Hresult C#

If a library is not listed, there are currently no specific HRESULT error codes for that library. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HRESULT General FAQ Ask a Question Bugs and Suggestions Article Help Forum Site Map Advertise with us About our Advertising Employment Opportunities About Us Ask a Question All Questions All Unanswered FAQ How to get an error code out of an HRESULT Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Hresult Values Win32 Error Codes Support of the IErrorInfo mechanism in Windows is highly inconsistent. Hresult C++ If set, indicates a failure result.

This happens for some custom marshaled calls and on the client side of the call. 0x8001011F RPC_E_TIMEOUT This operation returned because the time-out period expired. 0x80010120 RPC_E_NO_SYNC There are no synchronize objects to wait on. 0x80010121 RPC_E_FULLSIC_REQUIRED Full subject issuer chain Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) principal name expected from the server. 0x80010122 RPC_E_INVALID_STD_NAME Principal name is not a valid Microsoft standard (msstd) name. 0x80010123 CO_E_FAILEDTOIMPERSONATE Unable to impersonate DCOM client. 0x80010124 CO_E_FAILEDTOGETSECCTX Unable to obtain server's security context. 0x80010125 CO_E_FAILEDTOOPENTHREADTOKEN Unable to open the access token of the current thread. 0x80010126 CO_E_FAILEDTOGETTOKENINFO Unable to obtain user information from an access token. 0x80010127 CO_E_TRUSTEEDOESNTMATCHCLIENT The client who called IAccessControl::IsAccessPermitted was not the trustee provided to the method. 0x80010128 CO_E_FAILEDTOQUERYCLIENTBLANKET Unable to obtain the client's security blanket. 0x80010129 CO_E_FAILEDTOSETDACL Unable to set a discretionary access control list (ACL) into a security descriptor. 0x8001012A CO_E_ACCESSCHECKFAILED The system function AccessCheck returned false. 0x8001012B CO_E_NETACCESSAPIFAILED Either NetAccessDel or NetAccessAdd returned an error code. 0x8001012C CO_E_WRONGTRUSTEENAMESYNTAX One of the trustee strings provided by the user did not conform to the \ syntax and it was not the *" string". 0x8001012D CO_E_INVALIDSID One of the security identifiers provided by the user was invalid. 0x8001012E CO_E_CONVERSIONFAILED Unable to convert a wide character trustee string to a multiple-byte trustee string. 0x8001012F CO_E_NOMATCHINGSIDFOUND Unable to find a security identifier that corresponds to a trustee string provided by the user. 0x80010130 CO_E_LOOKUPACCSIDFAILED The system function LookupAccountSID failed. 0x80010131 CO_E_NOMATCHINGNAMEFOUND Unable to find a trustee name that corresponds to a security identifier provided by the user. 0x80010132 CO_E_LOOKUPACCNAMEFAILED The system function LookupAccountName failed. 0x80010133 CO_E_SETSERLHNDLFAILED Unable to set or reset a serialization handle. 0x80010134 CO_E_FAILEDTOGETWINDIR Unable to obtain the Windows directory. 0x80010135 CO_E_PATHTOOLONG Path too long. 0x80010136 CO_E_FAILEDTOGENUUID Unable to generate a UUID. 0x80010137 CO_E_FAILEDTOCREATEFILE Unable to create file. 0x80010138 CO_E_FAILEDTOCLOSEHANDLE Unable to close a serialization handle or a file handle. 0x80010139 CO_E_EXCEEDSYSACLLIMIT The number of access control entries (ACEs) in an ACL exceeds the system limit. 0x8001013A CO_E_ACESINWRONGORDER Not all the DENY_ACCESS ACEs are arranged in front of the GRANT_ACCESS ACEs in the stream. 0x8001013B CO_E_INCOMPATIBLESTREAMVERSION The version of ACL format in the stream is not supported by this implementation of IAccessControl. 0x8001013C CO_E_FAILEDTOOPENPROCESSTOKEN Unable to open the access token of the server process. 0x8001013D CO_E_DECODEFAILED Unable to decode the ACL in the stream provided by the user. 0x8001013F CO_E_ACNOTINITIALIZED The COM IAccessControl object is not initialized. 0x80010140 CO_E_CANCEL_DISABLED Call Cancellation is disabled. 0x8001FFFF RPC_E_UNEXPECTED An internal error occurred. 0x80020001 DISP_E_UNKNOWNINTERFACE Unknown interface. 0x80020003 DISP_E_MEMBERNOTFOUND Member not found. 0x80020004 DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND Parameter not found. 0x80020005 DISP_E_TYPEMISMATCH Type mismatch. 0x80020006 DISP_E_UNKNOWNNAME Unknown name. 0x80020007 DISP_E_NONAMEDARGS No named arguments. 0x80020008 DISP_E_BADVARTYPE Bad variable type. 0x80020009 DISP_E_EXCEPTION Exception occurred. 0x8002000A DISP_E_OVERFLOW Out of present range. 0x8002000B DISP_E_BADINDEX Invalid index. 0x8002000C DISP_E_UNKNOWNLCID Unknown language. 0x8002000D DISP_E_ARRAYISLOCKED Memory is locked. 0x8002000E DISP_E_BADPARAMCOUNT Invalid number of parameters. 0x8002000F DISP_E_PARAMNOTOPTIONAL Parameter not optional. 0x80020010 DISP_E_BADCALLEE Invalid callee. 0x80020011 DISP_E_NOTACOLLECTION Does not support a collection. 0x80020012 DISP_E_DIVBYZERO Division by zero. 0x80020013 DISP_E_BUFFERTOOSMALL Buffer too small. 0x80028016 TYPE_E_BUFFERTOOSMALL Buffer too small. 0x80028017 TYPE_E_FIELDNOTFOUND Field name not defined in the record. 0x80028018 TYPE_E_INVDATAREAD Old format or invalid type library. 0x80028019 TYPE_E_UNSUPFORMAT Old format or invalid type library. 0x8002801C TYPE_E_REGISTRYACCESS Error accessing the OLE registry. 0x8002801D TYPE_E_LIBNOTREGISTERED Library not registered. 0x80028027 TYPE_E_UNDEFINEDTYPE Bound to unknown type. 0x80028028 TYPE_E_QUALIFIEDNAMEDISALLOWED Qualified name disallowed. 0x80028029 TYPE_E_INVALIDSTATE Invalid forward reference, or reference to uncompiled type. 0x8002802A TYPE_E_WRONGTYPEKIND Type mismatch. 0x8002802B TYPE_E_ELEMENTNOTFOUND Element not found. 0x8002802C TYPE_E_AMBIGUOUSNAME Ambiguous name. 0x8002802D TYPE_E_NAMECONFLICT Name already exists in the library. 0x8002802E TYPE_E_UNKNOWNLCID Unknown language code identifier (LCID). 0x8002802F TYPE_E_DLLFUNCTIONNOTFOUND Function not defined in specified DLL. 0x800288BD TYPE_E_BADMODULEKIND Wrong module kind for the operation. 0x800288C5 TYPE_E_SIZETOOBIG Size cannot exceed 64 KB. 0x800288C6 TYPE_E_DUPLICATEID Duplicate ID in inheritance hierarchy. 0x800288CF TYPE_E_INVALIDID Incorrect inheritance depth in standard OLE hmember. 0x80028CA0 TYPE_E_TYPEMISMATCH Type mismatch. 0x80028CA1 TYPE_E_OUTOFBOUNDS Invalid number of arguments. 0x80028CA2 TYPE_E_IOERROR I/O error. 0x80028CA3 TYPE_E_CANTCREATETMPFILE Error creating unique .tmp file. 0x80029C4A TYPE_E_CANTLOADLIBRARY Error loading type library or DLL. 0x80029C83 TYPE_E_INCONSISTENTPROPFUNCS Inconsistent property functions. 0x80029C84 TYPE_E_CIRCULARTYPE Circular dependency between types and modules. 0x80030001 STG_E_INVALIDFUNCTION Unable to perform requested operation. 0x80030002 STG_E_FILENOTFOUND %1 could not be found. 0x80030003 STG_E_PATHNOTFOUND The path %1 could not be found. 0x80030004 STG_E_TOOMANYOPENFILES There are insufficient resources to open another file. 0x80030005 STG_E_ACCESSDENIED Access denied. 0x80030006 STG_E_INVALIDHANDLE Attempted an operation on an invalid object. 0x80030008 STG_E_INSUFFICIENTMEMORY There is insufficient memory available to complete operation. 0x80030009 STG_E_INVALIDPOINTER Invalid pointer error. 0x80030012 STG_E_NOMOREFILES There are no more entries to return. 0x80030013 STG_E_DISKISWRITEPROTECTED Disk is write-protected. 0x80030019 STG_E_SEEKERROR An error occurred during a seek operation. 0x8003001D STG_E_WRITEFAULT A disk error occurred during a write operation. 0x8003001E STG_E_READFAULT A disk error occurred during a read operation. 0x80030020 STG_E_SHAREVIOLATION A share violation has occurred. 0x80030021 STG_E_LOCKVIOLATION A lock violation has occurred. 0x80030050 STG_E_FILEALREADYEXISTS %1 already exists. 0x80030057 STG_E_INVALIDPARAMETER Invalid parameter error. 0x80030070 STG_E_MEDIUMFULL There is insufficient disk space to complete operation. 0x800300F0 STG_E_PROPSETMISMATCHED Illegal write of non-simple property to simple property set. 0x800300FA STG_E_ABNORMALAPIEXIT An application programming interface (API) call exited abnormally. 0x800300FB STG_E_INVALIDHEADER The file %1 is not a valid compound file. 0x800300FC STG_E_INVALIDNAME The name %1 is not valid. 0x800300FD STG_E_UNKNOWN An unexpected error occurred. 0x800300FE STG_E_UNIMPLEMENTEDFUNCTION That function is not implemented. 0x800300FF STG_E_INVALIDFLAG Invalid flag error. 0x80030100 STG_E_INUSE Attempted to use an object that is busy. 0x80030101 STG_E_NOTCURRENT The storage has been changed since the last commit. 0x80030102 STG_E_REVERTED Attempted to use an object that has ceased to exist. 0x80030103 STG_E_CANTSAVE Cannot save. 0x80030104 STG_E_OLDFORMAT The compound file %1 was produced with an incompatible version of storage. 0x80030105 STG_E_OLDDLL The compound file %1 was produced with a newer version of storage. 0x80030106 STG_E_SHAREREQUIRED Share.exe or equivalent is required for operation. 0x80030107 STG_E_NOTFILEBASEDSTORAGE Illegal operation called on non-file based storage. 0x80030108 STG_E_EXTANTMARSHALLINGS Illegal operation called on object with extant marshalings. 0x80030109 STG_E_DOCFILECORRUPT The docfile has been corrupted. 0x80030110 STG_E_BADBASEADDRESS OLE32.DLL has been loaded at the wrong address. 0x80030111 STG_E_DOCFILETOOLARGE The compound file is too large for the current implementation. 0x80030112 STG_E_NOTSIMPLEFORMAT The compound file was not created with the STGM_SIMPLE flag. 0x80030201 STG_E_INCOMPLETE The file download was aborted abnormally. his comment is here Generally, successful functions return the S_OK HRESULT value (which is equal to zero). Solution 1 Accept Solution Reject Solution Raymond Chen has blogged about this: See http://blogs.msdn.com/b/oldnewthing/archive/2006/11/03/942851.aspx[^] Permalink Posted 1-Feb-11 4:55am Nish Nishant634.7K Comments Henry Minute 1-Feb-11 11:08am Excellent link. + 5 Espen Harlinn 1-Feb-11 11:33am Well, that's a good link :) Nishant Sivakumar 1-Feb-11 11:35am Thank you, Espen and Henry. Increasing this number will fix the error. –CYC0616 Mar 19 '14 at 0:50 For future use, I wrote an HRESULT decoder that explains how to decode this value (and any others). –Stephen Cleary Jun 20 at 9:10 add a comment| 4 Answers 4 active oldest votes up vote 41 down vote accepted I'll show you how to do it. Decode Hresult

The bit is setfor customer-defined values and clear for Microsoft-defined values.<1>N (1 bit):   If set, indicates that the error code is an NTSTATUS value (as specified in section2.3), exceptthat this bit is set.X (1 bit):   Reserved. Do you need your password? CComQIPtr Add a Solution Add your solution here B I U S small BIG code Plain TextC++CSSC#Delphi / PascalF#HTML / XML / ASPJavaJavascriptObjective-CSQLPerlPHPPythonVBXMLvar < > & link [^] encode untab case indent outdent OK Paste as Strip HTML Encode HTML Paste as-is Code block Quoted Text Best guess To display as The content must be at least 30 characters. this contact form If clear, indicates a success result.R (1 bit):   Reserved.

HRESULTs are numerical error codes. What Is Hresult Examples[edit] 0x80070005 8 - Failure 7 - Win32 5 - "E_FAULT" 0x80090032 8 - Failure 9 - SSPI 32 - "The request is not supported"[2] References[edit] ^ a b MSDN Windows Error Code reference. Used to indicate HRESULT values that are not status values, but are instead message ids for display strings.

Facility - indicates the system service that is responsible for the error.

FACILITY_DIRECTORYSERVICE 37 The source of the error code is Active Directory. FACILITY_SETUPAPI 15 The source of the error code is the Setup API. Thanks. Hresult 80004005 The content you requested has been removed.

Other connections are still valid. 0x80010007 RPC_E_SERVER_DIED The callee (the server, not the server application) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The .NET runtime handling of errors from COM components is similar to the way Visual Basic 6 handled COM errors. Code - is the facility's status code The ITF facility code has subsequently been recycled as the range in which COM components can define their own component-specific error code. navigate here Click the Ellipsis button and navigate to Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools, then click errlook.exe.

To continue, you must restart your computer. 0x000D2F09 NS_S_EOSRECEDING EOS hit during rewinding. 0x000D2F0D NS_S_CHANGENOTICE Internal. 0x001F0001 ERROR_FLT_IO_COMPLETE The IO was completed by a filter. 0x00262307 ERROR_GRAPHICS_MODE_NOT_PINNED No mode is pinned on the specified VidPN source or target. 0x0026231E ERROR_GRAPHICS_NO_PREFERRED_MODE Specified mode set does not specify preference for one of its modes. 0x0026234B ERROR_GRAPHICS_DATASET_IS_EMPTY Specified data set (for example, mode set, frequency range set, descriptor set, and topology) is empty. 0x0026234C ERROR_GRAPHICS_NO_MORE_ELEMENTS_IN_DATASET Specified data set (for example, mode set, frequency range set, descriptor set, and topology) does not contain any more elements. 0x00262351 ERROR_GRAPHICS_PATH_CONTENT_GEOMETRY_TRANSFORMATION_NOT_PINNED Specified content transformation is not pinned on the specified VidPN present path. 0x00300100 PLA_S_PROPERTY_IGNORED Property value will be ignored. 0x00340001 ERROR_NDIS_INDICATION_REQUIRED The request will be completed later by a Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) status indication. 0x0DEAD100 TRK_S_OUT_OF_SYNC The VolumeSequenceNumber of a MOVE_NOTIFICATION request is incorrect. 0x0DEAD102 TRK_VOLUME_NOT_FOUND The VolumeID in a request was not found in the server's ServerVolumeTable. 0x0DEAD103 TRK_VOLUME_NOT_OWNED A notification was sent to the LnkSvrMessage method, but the RequestMachine for the request was not the VolumeOwner for a VolumeID in the request. 0x0DEAD107 TRK_S_NOTIFICATION_QUOTA_EXCEEDED The server received a MOVE_NOTIFICATION request, but the FileTable size limit has already been reached. 0x400D004F NS_I_TIGER_START The Title Server %1 is running. 0x400D0051 NS_I_CUB_START Content Server %1 (%2) is starting. 0x400D0052 NS_I_CUB_RUNNING Content Server %1 (%2) is running. 0x400D0054 NS_I_DISK_START Disk %1 ( %2 ) on Content Server %3, is running. 0x400D0056 NS_I_DISK_REBUILD_STARTED Started rebuilding disk %1 ( %2 ) on Content Server %3. 0x400D0057 NS_I_DISK_REBUILD_FINISHED Finished rebuilding disk %1 ( %2 ) on Content Server %3. 0x400D0058 NS_I_DISK_REBUILD_ABORTED Aborted rebuilding disk %1 ( %2 ) on Content Server %3. 0x400D0059 NS_I_LIMIT_FUNNELS A NetShow administrator at network location %1 set the data stream limit to %2 streams. 0x400D005A NS_I_START_DISK A NetShow administrator at network location %1 started disk %2. 0x400D005B NS_I_STOP_DISK A NetShow administrator at network location %1 stopped disk %2. 0x400D005C NS_I_STOP_CUB A NetShow administrator at network location %1 stopped Content Server %2. 0x400D005D NS_I_KILL_USERSESSION A NetShow administrator at network location %1 aborted user session %2 from the system. 0x400D005E NS_I_KILL_CONNECTION A NetShow administrator at network location %1 aborted obsolete connection %2 from the system. 0x400D005F NS_I_REBUILD_DISK A NetShow administrator at network location %1 started rebuilding disk %2. 0x400D0069 MCMADM_I_NO_EVENTS Event initialization failed, there will be no MCM events. 0x400D006E NS_I_LOGGING_FAILED The logging operation failed. 0x400D0070 NS_I_LIMIT_BANDWIDTH A NetShow administrator at network location %1 set the maximum bandwidth limit to %2 bps. 0x400D0191 NS_I_CUB_UNFAIL_LINK Content Server %1 (%2) has established its link to Content Server %3. 0x400D0193 NS_I_RESTRIPE_START Restripe operation has started. 0x400D0194 NS_I_RESTRIPE_DONE Restripe operation has completed. 0x400D0196 NS_I_RESTRIPE_DISK_OUT Content disk %1 (%2) on Content Server %3 has been restriped out. 0x400D0197 NS_I_RESTRIPE_CUB_OUT Content server %1 (%2) has been restriped out. 0x400D0198 NS_I_DISK_STOP Disk %1 ( %2 ) on Content Server %3, has been offlined. 0x400D14BE NS_I_PLAYLIST_CHANGE_RECEDING The playlist change occurred while receding. 0x400D2EFF NS_I_RECONNECTED The client is reconnected. 0x400D2F01 NS_I_NOLOG_STOP Forcing a switch to a pending header on start. 0x400D2F03 NS_I_EXISTING_PACKETIZER There is already an existing packetizer plugin for the stream. 0x400D2F04 NS_I_MANUAL_PROXY The proxy setting is manual. 0x40262009 ERROR_GRAPHICS_DRIVER_MISMATCH The kernel driver detected a version mismatch between it and the user mode driver. 0x4026242F ERROR_GRAPHICS_UNKNOWN_CHILD_STATUS Child device presence was not reliably detected. 0x40262437 ERROR_GRAPHICS_LEADLINK_START_DEFERRED Starting the lead-link adapter has been deferred temporarily. 0x40262439 ERROR_GRAPHICS_POLLING_TOO_FREQUENTLY The display adapter is being polled for children too frequently at the same polling level. 0x4026243A ERROR_GRAPHICS_START_DEFERRED Starting the adapter has been deferred temporarily. 0x8000000A E_PENDING The data necessary to complete this operation is not yet available. 0x80004001 E_NOTIMPL Not implemented. 0x80004002 E_NOINTERFACE No such interface supported. 0x80004003 E_POINTER Invalid pointer. 0x80004004 E_ABORT Operation aborted. 0x80004005 E_FAIL Unspecified error. 0x80004006 CO_E_INIT_TLS Thread local storage failure. 0x80004007 CO_E_INIT_SHARED_ALLOCATOR Get shared memory allocator failure. 0x80004008 CO_E_INIT_MEMORY_ALLOCATOR Get memory allocator failure. 0x80004009 CO_E_INIT_CLASS_CACHE Unable to initialize class cache. 0x8000400A CO_E_INIT_RPC_CHANNEL Unable to initialize remote procedure call (RPC) services. 0x8000400B CO_E_INIT_TLS_SET_CHANNEL_CONTROL Cannot set thread local storage channel control. 0x8000400C CO_E_INIT_TLS_CHANNEL_CONTROL Could not allocate thread local storage channel control. 0x8000400D CO_E_INIT_UNACCEPTED_USER_ALLOCATOR The user-supplied memory allocator is unacceptable. 0x8000400E CO_E_INIT_SCM_MUTEX_EXISTS The OLE service mutex already exists. 0x8000400F CO_E_INIT_SCM_FILE_MAPPING_EXISTS The OLE service file mapping already exists. 0x80004010 CO_E_INIT_SCM_MAP_VIEW_OF_FILE Unable to map view of file for OLE service. 0x80004011 CO_E_INIT_SCM_EXEC_FAILURE Failure attempting to launch OLE service. 0x80004012 CO_E_INIT_ONLY_SINGLE_THREADED There was an attempt to call CoInitialize a second time while single-threaded. 0x80004013 CO_E_CANT_REMOTE A Remote activation was necessary but was not allowed. 0x80004014 CO_E_BAD_SERVER_NAME A Remote activation was necessary, but the server name provided was invalid. 0x80004015 CO_E_WRONG_SERVER_IDENTITY The class is configured to run as a security ID different from the caller. 0x80004016 CO_E_OLE1DDE_DISABLED Use of OLE1 services requiring Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Windows is disabled. 0x80004017 CO_E_RUNAS_SYNTAX A RunAs specification must be \ or simply . 0x80004018 CO_E_CREATEPROCESS_FAILURE The server process could not be started. the number is non-negative) or use the FAILED() macro. If the N bit is clear, this bit MUST be set to 0. Farming after the apocalypse: chickens or giant cockroaches?

Start your work with IIS. 0x8004E02A CO_E_NOCOOKIES An attempt to write a cookie failed. 0x8004E02B CO_E_DBERROR An attempt to use a database generated a database-specific error. 0x8004E02C CO_E_NOTPOOLED The COM+ component you created must use object pooling to work. 0x8004E02D CO_E_NOTCONSTRUCTED The COM+ component you created must use object construction to work correctly. 0x8004E02E CO_E_NOSYNCHRONIZATION The COM+ component requires synchronization, and it is not configured for it. 0x8004E02F CO_E_ISOLEVELMISMATCH The TxIsolation Level property for the COM+ component being created is stronger than the TxIsolationLevel for the root. 0x8004E030 CO_E_CALL_OUT_OF_TX_SCOPE_NOT_ALLOWED The component attempted to make a cross-context call between invocations of EnterTransactionScope and ExitTransactionScope. A communication failure occurred, or a transaction manager or resource manager has failed. 0x8004D017 XACT_E_NOTIMEOUT A time-out was specified, but time-outs are not supported. 0x8004D018 XACT_E_ALREADYINPROGRESS The requested operation is already in progress for the transaction. 0x8004D019 XACT_E_ABORTED The transaction has already been aborted. 0x8004D01A XACT_E_LOGFULL The Transaction Manager returned a log full error. 0x8004D01B XACT_E_TMNOTAVAILABLE The transaction manager is not available. 0x8004D01C XACT_E_CONNECTION_DOWN A connection with the transaction manager was lost. 0x8004D01D XACT_E_CONNECTION_DENIED A request to establish a connection with the transaction manager was denied. 0x8004D01E XACT_E_REENLISTTIMEOUT Resource manager reenlistment to determine transaction status timed out. 0x8004D01F XACT_E_TIP_CONNECT_FAILED The transaction manager failed to establish a connection with another Transaction Internet Protocol (TIP) transaction manager. 0x8004D020 XACT_E_TIP_PROTOCOL_ERROR The transaction manager encountered a protocol error with another TIP transaction manager. 0x8004D021 XACT_E_TIP_PULL_FAILED The transaction manager could not propagate a transaction from another TIP transaction manager. 0x8004D022 XACT_E_DEST_TMNOTAVAILABLE The transaction manager on the destination machine is not available. 0x8004D023 XACT_E_TIP_DISABLED The transaction manager has disabled its support for TIP. 0x8004D024 XACT_E_NETWORK_TX_DISABLED The transaction manager has disabled its support for remote or network transactions. 0x8004D025 XACT_E_PARTNER_NETWORK_TX_DISABLED The partner transaction manager has disabled its support for remote or network transactions. 0x8004D026 XACT_E_XA_TX_DISABLED The transaction manager has disabled its support for XA transactions. 0x8004D027 XACT_E_UNABLE_TO_READ_DTC_CONFIG Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) was unable to read its configuration information. 0x8004D028 XACT_E_UNABLE_TO_LOAD_DTC_PROXY MSDTC was unable to load the DTC proxy DLL. 0x8004D029 XACT_E_ABORTING The local transaction has aborted. 0x8004D080 XACT_E_CLERKNOTFOUND The specified CRM clerk was not found. share|improve this answer answered Mar 18 '14 at 23:57 Michael Petrotta 44.6k11108151 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote Another way to do it is as follows. Click the Dec radio button.

FACILITY_AAF 18 The source of the error code is the Microsoft agent. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. X - Reserved portion of the facility code. But in rare circumstances, functions may return success codes with additional information e.g.

FACILITY_DISPATCH 2 The source of the error code is a COM Dispatch. Access Microsoft's error code lookup utility (ErrLook.exe) with Microsoft Visual Studio by doing one of the following: In Visual Studio, click Tools, External Tools, and click Add. You’ll be auto redirected in 1 second. The specified logical unit of work was not connected. 0x8004D10B XACT_E_DUPLICATE_TRANSID A transaction with the given identifier already exists. 0x8004D10C XACT_E_LU_BUSY The resource is in use. 0x8004D10D XACT_E_LU_NO_RECOVERY_PROCESS The LU Recovery process is down. 0x8004D10E XACT_E_LU_DOWN The remote session was lost. 0x8004D10F XACT_E_LU_RECOVERING The resource is currently recovering. 0x8004D110 XACT_E_LU_RECOVERY_MISMATCH There was a mismatch in driving recovery. 0x8004D111 XACT_E_RM_UNAVAILABLE An error occurred with the XA resource. 0x8004E002 CONTEXT_E_ABORTED The root transaction wanted to commit, but the transaction aborted. 0x8004E003 CONTEXT_E_ABORTING The COM+ component on which the method call was made has a transaction that has already aborted or is in the process of aborting. 0x8004E004 CONTEXT_E_NOCONTEXT There is no Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) object context. 0x8004E005 CONTEXT_E_WOULD_DEADLOCK The component is configured to use synchronization, and this method call would cause a deadlock to occur. 0x8004E006 CONTEXT_E_SYNCH_TIMEOUT The component is configured to use synchronization, and a thread has timed out waiting to enter the context. 0x8004E007 CONTEXT_E_OLDREF You made a method call on a COM+ component that has a transaction that has already committed or aborted. 0x8004E00C CONTEXT_E_ROLENOTFOUND The specified role was not configured for the application. 0x8004E00F CONTEXT_E_TMNOTAVAILABLE COM+ was unable to talk to the MSDTC. 0x8004E021 CO_E_ACTIVATIONFAILED An unexpected error occurred during COM+ activation. 0x8004E022 CO_E_ACTIVATIONFAILED_EVENTLOGGED COM+ activation failed.

This bit specifies if the value is customer-defined or Microsoft-defined. 0 - Microsoft-defined 1 - Customer-defined N - Reserved portion of the facility code.