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Please also specify a subnet mask and a cluster network. 5895 The actual data type of the property did not match the expected data type of the property. 5896 The cluster node was evicted from the cluster successfully, but the node was not cleaned up. Keep it simple 2. Changes will not be effective until the system is rebooted. 3011 The requested operation is successful. If joining a workgroup, choose another workgroup name. ERROR_BAD_NETPATH 53 (0x35) The network path was not found. ERROR_NETWORK_BUSY 54 (0x36) The network is busy. ERROR_DEV_NOT_EXIST 55 (0x37) The specified network resource or device is no longer available. ERROR_TOO_MANY_CMDS 56 (0x38) The network BIOS command limit has been reached. ERROR_ADAP_HDW_ERR 57 (0x39) A network adapter hardware error occurred. ERROR_BAD_NET_RESP 58 (0x3A) The specified server cannot perform the requested operation. ERROR_UNEXP_NET_ERR 59 (0x3B) An unexpected network error occurred. ERROR_BAD_REM_ADAP 60 (0x3C) The remote adapter is not compatible. ERROR_PRINTQ_FULL 61 (0x3D) The printer queue is full. ERROR_NO_SPOOL_SPACE 62 (0x3E) Space to store the file waiting to be printed is not available on the server. ERROR_PRINT_CANCELLED 63 (0x3F) Your file waiting to be printed was deleted. ERROR_NETNAME_DELETED 64 (0x40) The specified network name is no longer available. ERROR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED 65 (0x41) Network access is denied. ERROR_BAD_DEV_TYPE 66 (0x42) The network resource type is not correct. ERROR_BAD_NET_NAME 67 (0x43) The network name cannot be found. ERROR_TOO_MANY_NAMES 68 (0x44) The name limit for the local computer network adapter card was exceeded. ERROR_TOO_MANY_SESS 69 (0x45) The network BIOS session limit was exceeded. ERROR_SHARING_PAUSED 70 (0x46) The remote server has been paused or is in the process of being started. ERROR_REQ_NOT_ACCEP 71 (0x47) No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept. ERROR_REDIR_PAUSED 72 (0x48) The specified printer or disk device has been paused. ERROR_FILE_EXISTS 80 (0x50) The file exists. ERROR_CANNOT_MAKE 82 (0x52) The directory or file cannot be created. ERROR_FAIL_I24 83 (0x53) Fail on INT 24. ERROR_OUT_OF_STRUCTURES 84 (0x54) Storage to process this request is not available. ERROR_ALREADY_ASSIGNED 85 (0x55) The local device name is already in use. ERROR_INVALID_PASSWORD 86 (0x56) The specified network password is not correct. ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER 87 (0x57) The parameter is incorrect. ERROR_NET_WRITE_FAULT 88 (0x58) A write fault occurred on the network. ERROR_NO_PROC_SLOTS 89 (0x59) The system cannot start another process at this time. ERROR_TOO_MANY_SEMAPHORES 100 (0x64) Cannot create another system semaphore. ERROR_EXCL_SEM_ALREADY_OWNED 101 (0x65) The exclusive semaphore is owned by another process. ERROR_SEM_IS_SET 102 (0x66) The semaphore is set and cannot be closed. ERROR_TOO_MANY_SEM_REQUESTS 103 (0x67) The semaphore cannot be set again. ERROR_INVALID_AT_INTERRUPT_TIME 104 (0x68) Cannot request exclusive semaphores at interrupt time. ERROR_SEM_OWNER_DIED 105 (0x69) The previous ownership of this semaphore has ended. ERROR_SEM_USER_LIMIT 106 (0x6A) Insert the diskette for drive %1. ERROR_DISK_CHANGE 107 (0x6B) The program stopped because an alternate diskette was not inserted. ERROR_DRIVE_LOCKED 108 (0x6C) The disk is in use or locked by another process. ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE 109 (0x6D) The pipe has been ended. ERROR_OPEN_FAILED 110 (0x6E) The system cannot open the device or file specified. ERROR_BUFFER_OVERFLOW 111 (0x6F) The file name is too long. ERROR_DISK_FULL 112 (0x70) There is not enough space on the disk. ERROR_NO_MORE_SEARCH_HANDLES 113 (0x71) No more internal file identifiers available. ERROR_INVALID_TARGET_HANDLE 114 (0x72) The target internal file identifier is incorrect. ERROR_INVALID_CATEGORY 117 (0x75) The IOCTL call made by the application program is not correct. ERROR_INVALID_VERIFY_SWITCH 118 (0x76) The verify-on-write switch parameter value is not correct. ERROR_BAD_DRIVER_LEVEL 119 (0x77) The system does not support the command requested. ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED 120 (0x78) This function is not supported on this system. ERROR_SEM_TIMEOUT 121 (0x79) The semaphore timeout period has expired. ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER 122 (0x7A) The data area passed to a system call is too small. ERROR_INVALID_NAME 123 (0x7B) The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. ERROR_INVALID_LEVEL 124 (0x7C) The system call level is not correct. ERROR_NO_VOLUME_LABEL 125 (0x7D) The disk has no volume label. ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND 126 (0x7E) The specified module could not be found. ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND 127 (0x7F) The specified procedure could not be found. ERROR_WAIT_NO_CHILDREN 128 (0x80) There are no child processes to wait for. ERROR_CHILD_NOT_COMPLETE 129 (0x81) The %1 application cannot be run in Win32 mode. ERROR_DIRECT_ACCESS_HANDLE 130 (0x82) Attempt to use a file handle to an open disk partition for an operation other than raw disk I/O. ERROR_NEGATIVE_SEEK 131 (0x83) An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file. ERROR_SEEK_ON_DEVICE 132 (0x84) The file pointer cannot be set on the specified device or file. ERROR_IS_JOIN_TARGET 133 (0x85) A JOIN or SUBST command cannot be used for a drive that contains previously joined drives. ERROR_IS_JOINED 134 (0x86) An attempt was made to use a JOIN or SUBST command on a drive that has already been joined. ERROR_IS_SUBSTED 135 (0x87) An attempt was made to use a JOIN or SUBST command on a drive that has already been substituted. ERROR_NOT_JOINED 136 (0x88) The system tried to delete the JOIN of a drive that is not joined. ERROR_NOT_SUBSTED 137 (0x89) The system tried to delete the substitution of a drive that is not substituted. ERROR_JOIN_TO_JOIN 138 (0x8A) The system tried to join a drive to a directory on a joined drive. ERROR_SUBST_TO_SUBST 139 (0x8B) The system tried to substitute a drive to a directory on a substituted drive. ERROR_JOIN_TO_SUBST 140 (0x8C) The system tried to join a drive to a directory on a substituted drive. ERROR_SUBST_TO_JOIN 141 (0x8D) The system tried to SUBST a drive to a directory on a joined drive. ERROR_BUSY_DRIVE 142 (0x8E) The system cannot perform a JOIN or SUBST at this time. ERROR_SAME_DRIVE 143 (0x8F) The system cannot join or substitute a drive to or for a directory on the same drive. ERROR_DIR_NOT_ROOT 144 (0x90) The directory is not a subdirectory of the root directory. ERROR_DIR_NOT_EMPTY 145 (0x91) The directory is not empty. ERROR_IS_SUBST_PATH 146 (0x92) The path specified is being used in a substitute. ERROR_IS_JOIN_PATH 147 (0x93) Not enough resources are available to process this command. ERROR_PATH_BUSY 148 (0x94) The path specified cannot be used at this time. ERROR_IS_SUBST_TARGET 149 (0x95) An attempt was made to join or substitute a drive for which a directory on the drive is the target of a previous substitute. ERROR_SYSTEM_TRACE 150 (0x96) System trace information was not specified in your CONFIG.SYS file, or tracing is disallowed. ERROR_INVALID_EVENT_COUNT 151 (0x97) The number of specified semaphore events for DosMuxSemWait is not correct. ERROR_TOO_MANY_MUXWAITERS 152 (0x98) DosMuxSemWait did not execute; too many semaphores are already set. ERROR_INVALID_LIST_FORMAT 153 (0x99) The DosMuxSemWait list is not correct. ERROR_LABEL_TOO_LONG 154 (0x9A) The volume label you entered exceeds the label character limit of the target file system. ERROR_TOO_MANY_TCBS 155 (0x9B) Cannot create another thread. ERROR_SIGNAL_REFUSED 156 (0x9C) The recipient process has refused the signal. ERROR_DISCARDED 157 (0x9D) The segment is already discarded and cannot be locked. ERROR_NOT_LOCKED 158 (0x9E) The segment is already unlocked. ERROR_BAD_THREADID_ADDR 159 (0x9F) The address for the thread ID is not correct. ERROR_BAD_ARGUMENTS 160 (0xA0) One or more arguments are not correct. ERROR_BAD_PATHNAME 161 (0xA1) The specified path is invalid. ERROR_SIGNAL_PENDING 162 (0xA2) A signal is already pending. ERROR_MAX_THRDS_REACHED 164 (0xA4) No more threads can be created in the system. ERROR_LOCK_FAILED 167 (0xA7) Unable to lock a region of a file. ERROR_BUSY 170 (0xAA) The requested resource is in use. ERROR_DEVICE_SUPPORT_IN_PROGRESS 171 (0xAB) Device's command support detection is in progress. ERROR_CANCEL_VIOLATION 173 (0xAD) A lock request was not outstanding for the supplied cancel region. ERROR_ATOMIC_LOCKS_NOT_SUPPORTED 174 (0xAE) The file system does not support atomic changes to the lock type. ERROR_INVALID_SEGMENT_NUMBER 180 (0xB4) The system detected a segment number that was not correct. ERROR_INVALID_ORDINAL 182 (0xB6) The operating system cannot run %1. ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS 183 (0xB7) Cannot create a file when that file already exists. ERROR_INVALID_FLAG_NUMBER 186 (0xBA) The flag passed is not correct. ERROR_SEM_NOT_FOUND 187 (0xBB) The specified system semaphore name was not found. ERROR_INVALID_STARTING_CODESEG 188 (0xBC) The operating system cannot run %1. ERROR_INVALID_STACKSEG 189 (0xBD) The operating system cannot run %1. ERROR_INVALID_MODULETYPE 190 (0xBE) The operating system cannot run %1. ERROR_INVALID_EXE_SIGNATURE 191 (0xBF) Cannot run %1 in Win32 mode. ERROR_EXE_MARKED_INVALID 192 (0xC0) The operating system cannot run %1. ERROR_BAD_EXE_FORMAT 193 (0xC1) %1 is not a valid Win32 application. ERROR_ITERATED_DATA_EXCEEDS_64k 194 (0xC2) The operating system cannot run %1. ERROR_INVALID_MINALLOCSIZE 195 (0xC3) The operating system cannot run %1. ERROR_DYNLINK_FROM_INVALID_RING 196 (0xC4) The operating system cannot run this application program. ERROR_IOPL_NOT_ENABLED 197 (0xC5) The operating system is not presently configured to run this application. ERROR_INVALID_SEGDPL 198 (0xC6) The operating system cannot run %1. ERROR_AUTODATASEG_EXCEEDS_64k 199 (0xC7) The operating system cannot run this application program. ERROR_RING2SEG_MUST_BE_MOVABLE 200 (0xC8) The code segment cannot be greater than or equal to 64K. ERROR_RELOC_CHAIN_XEEDS_SEGLIM 201 (0xC9) The operating system cannot run %1. ERROR_INFLOOP_IN_RELOC_CHAIN 202 (0xCA) The operating system cannot run %1. ERROR_ENVVAR_NOT_FOUND 203 (0xCB) The system could not find the environment option that was entered. ERROR_NO_SIGNAL_SENT 205 (0xCD) No process in the command subtree has a signal handler. ERROR_FILENAME_EXCED_RANGE 206 (0xCE) The filename or extension is too long. ERROR_RING2_STACK_IN_USE 207 (0xCF) The ring 2 stack is in use. ERROR_META_EXPANSION_TOO_LONG 208 (0xD0) The global filename characters, * or ?, are entered incorrectly or too many global filename characters are specified. ERROR_INVALID_SIGNAL_NUMBER 209 (0xD1) The signal being posted is not correct. ERROR_THREAD_1_INACTIVE 210 (0xD2) The signal handler cannot be set. ERROR_LOCKED 212 (0xD4) The segment is locked and cannot be reallocated. ERROR_TOO_MANY_MODULES 214 (0xD6) Too many dynamic-link modules are attached to this program or dynamic-link module. ERROR_NESTING_NOT_ALLOWED 215 (0xD7) Cannot nest calls to LoadModule. ERROR_EXE_MACHINE_TYPE_MISMATCH 216 (0xD8) This version of %1 is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running.

Tom Monday, July 15, 2013 2:57 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Hi, This question was marked as answered over two years ago. You can find out how the driver is named by opening the INF file. Should the application use the secure module %hs? 0x000002B0 ERROR_DBG_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Debugger did not handle the exception. 0x000002B1 ERROR_DBG_REPLY_LATER Debugger will reply later. 0x000002B2 ERROR_DBG_UNABLE_TO_PROVIDE_HANDLE Debugger cannot provide handle. 0x000002B3 ERROR_DBG_TERMINATE_THREAD Debugger terminated thread. 0x000002B4 ERROR_DBG_TERMINATE_PROCESS Debugger terminated process. 0x000002B5 ERROR_DBG_CONTROL_C Debugger got control C. 0x000002B6 ERROR_DBG_PRINTEXCEPTION_C Debugger printed exception on control C. 0x000002B7 ERROR_DBG_RIPEXCEPTION Debugger received Routing Information Protocol (RIP) exception. 0x000002B8 ERROR_DBG_CONTROL_BREAK Debugger received control break. 0x000002B9 ERROR_DBG_COMMAND_EXCEPTION Debugger command communication exception. 0x000002BA ERROR_OBJECT_NAME_EXISTS {Object Exists} An attempt was made to create an object and the object name already existed. 0x000002BB ERROR_THREAD_WAS_SUSPENDED {Thread Suspended} A thread termination occurred while the thread was suspended. Please contact your system administrator.

System Error Codes

Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted. 1006 The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid. 1007 The requested operation cannot be performed in full-screen mode. 1008 An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist. 1009 The configuration registry database is corrupt. 1010 The configuration registry key is invalid. 1011 The configuration registry key could not be opened. 1012 The configuration registry key could not be read. 1013 The configuration registry key could not be written. 1014 One of the files in the registry database had to be recovered by use of a log or alternate copy. You must install a Windows service pack that contains a newer version of the Windows Installer service. 1614 Product is uninstalled. 1615 SQL query syntax invalid or unsupported. 1616 Record field does not exist. 1617 The device has been removed. 1618 Another installation is already in progress. Does this help?

Assertion failed: ((handle))->activecnt >= 0 If building under Cygwin, you may see bootstrap.py failed with following error: Assertion failed: ((handle))->activecnt >= 0, file src\win\pipe.c, line 1430 Traceback (most recent call last): File "script/bootstrap.py", line 87, in sys.exit(main()) File "script/bootstrap.py", line 22, in main update_node_modules('.') File "script/bootstrap.py", line 56, in update_node_modules execute([NPM, 'install']) File "/home/zcbenz/codes/raven/script/lib/util.py", line 118, in execute raise e subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['npm.cmd', 'install']' returned non-zero exit status 3 This is caused by a bug when using Cygwin Python and Win32 Node together. The system will be restarted so the changes can take effect. 1642 The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. The file to be replaced has been renamed using the backup name. 1178 The volume change journal is being deleted. 1179 The volume change journal is not active. 1180 A file was found, but it may not be the correct file. 1181 The journal entry has been deleted from the journal. 1200 The specified device name is invalid. 1201 The device is not currently connected but it is a remembered connection. 1202 The local device name has a remembered connection to another network resource. 1203 No network provider accepted the given network path. 1204 The specified network provider name is invalid. 1205 Unable to open the network connection profile. 1206 The network connection profile is corrupted. 1207 Cannot enumerate a noncontainer. 1208 An extended error has occurred. 1209 The format of the specified group name is invalid. 1210 The format of the specified computer name is invalid. 1211 The format of the specified event name is invalid. 1212 The format of the specified domain name is invalid. 1213 The format of the specified service name is invalid. 1214 The format of the specified network name is invalid. 1215 The format of the specified share name is invalid. 1216 The format of the specified password is invalid. 1217 The format of the specified message name is invalid. 1218 The format of the specified message destination is invalid. 1219 Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. What Is Error Code -50 For the HP Universal Print Driver, it is named "HP Universal Printing PCL6".

Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package. 1620 This installation package could not be opened. Windows Error Codes List This might be caused by a failure of your hardware or by a poor connection. 0x00000289 ERROR_MOUNT_POINT_NOT_RESOLVED The create operation failed because the name contained at least one mount point that resolves to a volume to which the specified device object is not attached. 0x0000028A ERROR_INVALID_DEVICE_OBJECT_PARAMETER The device object parameter is either not a valid device object or is not attached to the volume specified by the file name. 0x0000028B ERROR_MCA_OCCURED A machine check error has occurred. Wednesday, February 23, 2011 6:46 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Ive tried the following vertions now: lmud0c40.inf_amd64_neutral_1d114dbbfc68cab8 lmud0c40.inf_amd64_neutral_742d8fe9350bbd47 lmud0c40_1.6_73D81619CFDF690D9CE952DB82AFEED7 Ive also tried copying them in a folder on the C: to see if the UNC path was too long. This is done to prevent users from changing back to a familiar, but potentially discovered, password.

Anyways I'd suggest to use TFileStream for such stuff since it's easier to use and offers less Go to Solution 6 Comments LVL 2 Overall: Level 2 Delphi 1 Message Expert Comment by:ysd2001-03-17 Add this line {$I-} before your while statement and add this one {$+} after the end of the while statement. 0 Message Expert Comment by:ms992001-03-17 I usually do this: const BufferSize = 1050; var f : File; RBuffer : array[1..BufferSize] of Byte; BufferLen : DWORD; repeat ... Error Code List To retrieve the description text for the error in your application, use the FormatMessage function with the FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM flag. This is how video conferencing should work! This error should never be returned to an application, it is a place holder for the Windows LAN Manager Redirector to use in its internal error mapping routines. 0x0000023B ERROR_IO_PRIVILEGE_FAILED {Privilege Failed} The I/O permissions for the process could not be changed. 0x0000023C ERROR_CONTROL_C_EXIT {Application Exit by CTRL+C} The application terminated as a result of a CTRL+C. 0x0000023D ERROR_MISSING_SYSTEMFILE {Missing System File} The required system file %hs is bad or missing. 0x0000023E ERROR_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION {Application Error} The exception %s (0x%08lx) occurred in the application at location 0x%08lx. 0x0000023F ERROR_APP_INIT_FAILURE {Application Error} The application failed to initialize properly (0x%lx).

Windows Error Codes List

Selecting NO can cause the application to operate incorrectly. 0x00000262 ERROR_BAD_SERVICE_ENTRYPOINT {Invalid Service Callback Entrypoint} The %hs service is not written correctly. https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/20093058/I-O-Error-87.html Contact your product vendor. 1634 Component not used on this computer. 1635 This patch package could not be opened. System Error Codes Richard MuellerMVP ADSI Tuesday, February 22, 2011 6:33 PM Reply | Quote Moderator 0 Sign in to vote After the -e parameter i have the path with is : C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\lmud0c40.inf_amd64_neutral_742d8fe9350bbd47\ And then -i for the full path which is: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\lmud0c40.inf_amd64_neutral_742d8fe9350bbd47\LMUD0C40.inf I carnt see the double slashes though. Windows Error Codes Lookup If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Technet Web site.Would you like to participate?

Verify that the specified log file location exists and that you can write to it. 1623 The language of this installation package is not supported by your system. 1624 Error applying transforms. Richard MuellerMVP ADSI Tuesday, February 22, 2011 5:22 PM Reply | Quote Moderator 0 Sign in to vote Hi, 'net helpmsg 87' - 'The parameter is incorrect' - Win32 error code ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER. You need to note both the programmatic and the run-time context in which these errors occur. Select YES to fail the DLL load. Windows Error Codes 0x

Microsoft say that this is the only supported way to install a print driver. Contact your system administrator. 1626 Function could not be executed. 1627 Function failed during execution. 1628 Invalid or unknown table specified. 1629 Data supplied is of wrong type. 1630 Data of this type is not supported. 1631 The Windows Installer service failed to start. BlockRead(f, RBuffer, SizeOf(RBuffer), BufferLen); // bufferLen returns with the number of bytes read if bufferLen > 0 then begin // blockread has just read bufferLen bytes into // RBuffer end; until bufferLen = 0; 0 Message Expert Comment by:ms992001-03-17 By the way, how did you open the file ? Most values also have a default message defined, which can be used to map the value to a human-readable text message; when this is done, the Win32 error code is also known as a message identifier.

The thread was resumed and termination proceeded. 0x000002BC ERROR_IMAGE_NOT_AT_BASE {Image Relocated} An image file could not be mapped at the address specified in the image file. Windows Update Error Codes A solution to this would be to send a synchronized message to theā€¦ Delphi Adding threads for loading data in background to a delphi application Article by: Geert Have you ever had your Delphi form/application just hanging while waiting for data to load? The table below describes system Exit/Error codes when a task is executed.

Select OK to set current directory to %hs, or select CANCEL to exit. 0x000002C0 ERROR_FT_READ_RECOVERY_FROM_BACKUP {Redundant Read} To satisfy a read request, the NT fault-tolerant file system successfully read the requested data from a redundant copy.

We appreciate the input. At least one other device that uses that IRQ was already opened. 1120 A serial I/O operation was completed by another write to the serial port. (The IOCTL_SERIAL_XOFF_COUNTER reached zero.) 1121 A serial I/O operation completed because the timeout period expired. (The IOCTL_SERIAL_XOFF_COUNTER did not reach zero.) 1122 No ID address mark was found on the floppy disk. 1123 Mismatch between the floppy disk sector ID field and the floppy disk controller track address. 1124 The floppy disk controller reported an error that is not recognized by the floppy disk driver. 1125 The floppy disk controller returned inconsistent results in its registers. 1126 While accessing the hard disk, a recalibrate operation failed, even after retries. 1127 While accessing the hard disk, a disk operation failed even after retries. 1128 While accessing the hard disk, a disk controller reset was needed, but even that failed. 1129 Physical end of tape encountered. 1130 Not enough server storage is available to process this command. 1131 A potential deadlock condition has been detected. 1132 The base address or the file offset specified does not have the proper alignment. 1140 An attempt to change the system power state was vetoed by another application or driver. 1141 The system BIOS failed an attempt to change the system power state. 1142 An attempt was made to create more links on a file than the file system supports. 1150 The specified program requires a newer version of Windows. 1151 The specified program is not a Windows or MS-DOS program. 1152 Cannot start more than one instance of the specified program. 1153 The specified program was written for an earlier version of Windows. 1154 One of the library files needed to run this application is damaged. 1155 No application is associated with the specified file for this operation. 1156 An error occurred in sending the command to the application. 1157 One of the library files needed to run this application cannot be found. 1158 The current process has used all of its system allowance of handles for Window Manager objects. 1159 The message can be used only with synchronous operations. 1160 The indicated source element has no media. 1161 The indicated destination element already contains media. 1162 The indicated element does not exist. 1163 The indicated element is part of a magazine that is not present. 1164 The indicated device requires reinitialization due to hardware errors. 1165 The device has indicated that cleaning is required before further operations are attempted. 1166 The device has indicated that its door is open. 1167 The device is not connected. 1168 Element not found. 1169 There was no match for the specified key in the index. 1170 The property set specified does not exist on the object. 1171 The point passed to GetMouseMovePointsEx is not in the buffer. 1172 The tracking (workstation) service is not running. 1173 The Volume ID could not be found. 1175 Unable to remove the file to be replaced. 1176 Unable to move the replacement file to the file to be replaced. You can develop Electron with any editor but support for building with Visual Studio will come in the future. Windows Blue Screen Error Codes The LAN Manager password returned is a NULL string. 1305 The revision level is unknown. 1306 Indicates two revision levels are incompatible. 1307 This security ID may not be assigned as the owner of this object. 1308 This security ID may not be assigned as the primary group of an object. 1309 An attempt has been made to operate on an impersonation token by a thread that is not currently impersonating a client. 1310 The group may not be disabled. 1311 There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request. 1312 A specified logon session does not exist.

Please contact your system administrator. 1268 The revocation status of the smartcard certificate used for authentication could not be determined. Covered by US Patent. Cheers, Eddie Wednesday, February 23, 2011 4:55 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Does anyone know of a powershell resource that doesnt use prndvr? Choose a longer password. 0x00000268 ERROR_PWD_TOO_RECENT The policy of your user account does not allow you to change passwords too frequently.

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This may happen during a join operation if the cluster database was changing during the join. 5084 The resource monitor will not allow the fail operation to be performed while the resource is in its current state. Vendors SHOULD NOT assign other meanings to these values, to avoid the risk of a collision in the future. ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER I think MS99 is correct. Also keep in mind that this is a forum for scripting questions, not a forum for questions about how to use standard Microsoft-provided tools.

Select OK to continue, or CANCEL to fail the DLL load. 0x000002C3 ERROR_RECEIVE_PARTIAL {Partial Data Received} The network transport returned partial data to its client. Code Description 0 The operation completed successfully. 1 Incorrect function. 2 The system cannot find the file specified. 3 The system cannot find the path specified. 4 The system cannot open the file. 5 Access is denied. 6 The handle is invalid. 7 The storage control blocks were destroyed. 8 Not enough storage is available to process this command. 9 The storage control block address is invalid. 10 The environment is incorrect. 11 An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. 12 The access code is invalid. 13 The data is invalid. 14 Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. 15 The system cannot find the drive specified. 16 The directory cannot be removed. 17 The system cannot move the file to a different disk drive. 18 There are no more files. 19 The media is write protected. 20 The system cannot find the device specified. 21 The device is not ready. 22 The device does not recognize the command. 23 Data error (cyclic redundancy check). 24 The program issued a command but the command length is incorrect. 25 The drive cannot locate a specific area or track on the disk. 26 The specified disk or diskette cannot be accessed. 27 The drive cannot find the sector requested. 28 The printer is out of paper. 29 The system cannot write to the specified device. 30 The system cannot read from the specified device. 31 A device attached to the system is not functioning. 32 The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. 33 The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file. 34 The wrong diskette is in the drive. Enclose them in "" and see what that does. So im stuck in the middle with neither party giving me solution.

Don Stewart is an Australian hacker based in Portland, Oregon. John has been a developer for the Debian GNU/Linux operating system project for over 10 years and maintains numerous Haskell libraries and code for Debian. Contact your support personnel. 1632 The Temp folder is on a drive that is full or inaccessible.