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Hyosung Error Code 565


Clear the error. 5. Verify that the identity of each cassette can be read through read cassette ID function (See the 5000 Cash Dispenser Configuration Manual). Error Code: 196 Description: Card reader error. Inspect for a jammed currency in the reject sensor. 2. weblink

Place all belts on their respective rollers and gears. Clean and verify the operation of the exit sensor. Error Code: 325(49h)[I] Description: Note qualifier faulty Recommended Action: Error code 325 is generated when the double detect sensors in the note qualifier can not be calibrated, or when the gain value cannot be adjusted when learning a new documents. If the test dispenses are normal and the error does not show again, the cash dispenser may be returned to service.

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Recommended Action: Release the Printer Locking screw. Install the note feeders and recheck their operation to determine if the error code has been cleared. If a cassette cannot be injected with a new ID, verify that the cable between the top feed channel and the CMC is in good condition and connected at both ends.

Loose belts can slip off rollers and block sensors. 21A15 CDU detects bills prior to dispensing This means that while the ATM was initializing it detected a blocked sensor in the cash dispenser (CS1A sensor). Baud rate set to high for telephone line conditions. C00D0 Sensor block while dispensing MB2100T - A blockage was detected between the CS13 (CDU exit gate) and CS12 cash tray sensors. Atm Error Code 3-da000(20) If the error is repeated, proceed to the next paragraph.

C0035 Double Note detect module failure (2) Double detect module reporting error, check wiring to the module. Atm Error Code 3-da001 When "Low Cash Warning" is enabled in the Transaction Setup menu, this sensor will open when the cassette reaches (+/-) 75 bills. Contact host processor (Check T-DES Type) D00A3 FS omitted (after authorization response text) Verify all programming. http://www.accessatm.com/service/atm-error-codes/hyosung-error-codes/ If the error persists, replace the dispenser.

In line filter may help this. Sbi Atm Response Code 70 Open the access panels on the note transport and remove any documents that may be in the transport path. Contact your ISO or processor if you encounter an excessive amount of these errors, or you cannot complete a test transaction because of this error. Try the reset button on the printer.

Atm Error Code 3-da001

Use a soft brush abd vacuum cleaner to clean the exit sensor. 4. Error Code: 119 (77h) Description: Diverter in dispense position on start of dispense or learn Recommended Action: 1. Atm Error Codes List Install the cassette. Hyosung Atm Error Codes If it is necessary to check continuity of the cable assembly, refer to Appendix B for pinout of the cable assembly.

Recommended Action: This error code is produced when the single reject event counter exceeds 50 reject events or the bundle reject event counter exceeds 250 notes. http://orgias.org/error-code/htc-evo-4g-error-code-104.html You may need to remove the printer to clear jams. If a cassette is not responding it may be necessary to inject a new identity into the cassette by completing the inject new cassette ID command. Make sure the note diverter moves freely. Atm Error Code 3-da000(80)

Error Code: 161 Description: Electronic journal clear feature failed. This error is of concern only if it is repeated. If the status clears and the return code are normal place the cash dispenser in service. http://orgias.org/error-code/hyosung-error-codes.html Test the dispenser by completing several test dispenses with the test dispense command.

Restart the cash dispenser. Atm Error Code 3-da000(60) The issues most pc end users see are typical failures and errors observed by many people, numerous others. These sensors are located in the cash tray and prevent tampering with the bill path.

Restart the cash dispenser.

Otherwise the printer needs service. C00C9 CS12 & CS14 Sensors blocked MB2100T - Both the CS12 and CS14 sensors were blocked while the machine was either dispensing or initializing. Clean the sensors in the note transport a needed. Error Code 3-da000(10) If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to submit a message using the form below.

Otherwise service to cassette or dispenser may be required. Recommended Action: Enter management functions and configure the pin working key. If error code reoccurs, replace the note feeder module. this content This error code will place the cash dispenser "Out of Service".

C004F Miscount of notes between sensors Test CDU using diagnostics, use journal to verify amount of dispensed notes versus requested notes. Error Code: 56 (38h) Description: Link error Recommended Action: 1. Restart the cash dispenser. Inspect the note transport and delivery throat make sure all belts are on track and there are no documents jammed in the transport or exit areas.

If these actions have no effect, replace the dispenser. If error is persistent the dispenser may require service. After about ten seconds, push the Power ON/OFF switch to the ON position to start the terminal. 3. If the status clears and the return code are normal place the cash dispenser in service.

If these actions have no effect, replace the dispenser. Verify that version of Mini-Bank Software matches host processor. Search parts by scanning barcodes with your Android $0.00 Live Help Desk Menu Products Nautilus Hyosung ATM Machines Halo II 2700CE 2700T 5200 4000W Genmega ATM Machines G2500 Onyx Onyx W C6000 GT3000 GT5000 Hantle ATM Machines 1700W C4000 T4000 Triton ATM Machines FT5000 Traverse Argo 7S Argo 7D Argo 12S ATM Shell Units   Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE Shell   Genmega G2500 Shell Onyx Shell   Hantle 1700W Shell   Triton Traverse Shell Argo 7S Shell Argo 7D Shell Argo 12S Shell Kiosk Machines Genmega GK1000 Hantle CoinGoat Retail ATM Parts Nautilus Hyosung NH2700CE MB1800CE Halo Halo II 1800SE MB1500 MM5000 MM5100T NH5200 MB1800 MB2100 MB2100T MB1000/MB2000 NanoCash 5300 5600 7600T 7600I 7600DR 7600FFL Genmega G1900 G2500 GT3000 GT5000 Hantle MB1700 MB1700W C4000 E4000 X4000 C4010T Triton 8100 9600 9100 9700 Mako 9500 RL2000 RL1600 RL5000 RT2000 FT5000 NCR 3100 3300 3400 3600 IS 1000 IS 2000 IS 800 Hyosung Financial ATM Parts ATM EMV Upgrade Kits Nautilus Hyosung Genmega Hantle ATM Paper ATM Signs & Decals ATM Wireless & IP ATM Cabinets ATM Wraps ATM Shield ATM Shield Keypad ATM Shield Screen ATM Shield Screen Impact Guard ATM Shield Bundle ATM Shield Canvas Cover Gorilla ATM Security Low Security Surround Tall Security Surround Onyx W Wall Surround Sale Items Wireless Service Repairs Repair Center Submit Online Repair Request View Repair Price List Check Repair Status Advanced Replacement Parts Repair UpTime ATM Care Plan Support Support Center ATM Machine Error Codes ATM Machine Software Downloads ATM Machine Manuals ATM Machine Tech Bulletins EMV Support Certified Repair Center ATM Mobile App Contact Technical Support Video Library ATM ED About Us About ATMequipment.com Contact Us Achievements Testimonials News White Papers Role My Account Shopping Cart Checkout Error Codes> Genmega Error Codes null: ATM Error Codes : Genmega Model - None - MB1000 MB1500 MB1800 MB2000 MB2100 2100T MB2500 MBS5000 1800CE 1500SE 1800SE Halo Halo-S Halo II 2700CE 2700T 5000CE 5000XP 5050CE 5050XP 4000W 5000SE 5300CE 5300XP 5040 5100 5100T 5200 5600 5600T 7000 7000D 7070 7600 7600D 7600DR 7600DS 7600FFL 7600i 7600T NanoCash 1700 E4000 1700W C4000 C4000P T4000 X4000 G1900 G2500 G2900 GT3000 G3500 GT5000 GK1000 Onyx 220 Opteva 520 Opteva 720 IS800 IS1000 IS2000 3100 3300 3400 3600 3800 Apollo Apollo LT Genesis Genesis LT Mako 8100 9100 9500 9600 9700 9800 Traverse Argo RL1600 RL2000 RT2000 RL5000 RT5000 FT5000 C6000 Error Code ATMequipment.com is the leading supplier of ATM machines, ATM parts, ATM signs, ATM decals and ATM paper. 800.498.5795 Learn more about ATMequipment.com Connect Email Signup Terms & Conditions Browser Requirement Privacy Policy Returns and Exchanges Sitemap © 2008- ATMEquipment.com. Make sure you only are using 21# paper.

Error Code: 166 Description: Bad dispense. Make sure you are running the latest application version. Error Code: 143 Description: PTDF error. Error Code: 351(63h)[c] Description: Module needs service.

Test the dispenser by completing several test dispenses. Recommended Action: See the recommended action for error code 144. Error Code: 192 Description: Communications error. Purge the dispenser using the purge command from diagnostic menu. 2.