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Hp Laserjet Printer M10 Error


On the III, IIID, IIIP, enable page protect if you have and additional 1 MB of memory installed. Verify SIMM's are seated properly, replace any defective 5Si 59.X Main motor malfunciton X=1: Main motor startup failure, X=2: Main motor rotation 59.XY 4200/4300 Series Main motor failure, check wiring harness Replace main motor, replace DC controller PCA 59.A or 59.4 EP Motor Failure - Replace print cartridge motor (LJ 4300 ONLY) failure Back ERROR 60.2 Tray2 Lifter Motor Not Functioning Power cycle the printer (OFF/ON) Verify that the tray 2 lifter wire-harness is full seated in its connector on the dc controller PCA Replace Tray 2 lifter drive assembly Replace DC controller PCA Back ERROR 62.X 62.0 Service, 62.1-4 Service, 62.5 Service, 62.6 Service All Printers 1. Make page less complex and retry. LJ 5100 A temporary printing error occurred. Source

When the defective part is removed, the board material under the speed control IC is usually burned. Replace if necessary. Reseat the PostScript SIMM and/or replace it. What to do:You need to reduce the size of your print job. http://www.hpprinterrepair.co.uk/common-hp-printer-error-codes/

Hewlett Packard Printer Error Codes

On the door, there are some delivery coupler gears that mate with the fuser and drive the exit roller. Defective Paper Control PCA on the Paper Feed Assembly. 4L Only: 1. Many times the scanner motor will rev up and fail to stabilize - indicated by a whining motor sound. Check paper feed roller.

Back back to top How did we do? A buildup of toner on the edges of the tray which slide into the printer can sometimes cause problems. See service manual to initialize NVRAM 68 Memory IIISi, 4Si, 4V Bad SIMM memory. Hp Printer Error Code List Pdf If that works go back to the first application and try printing a different file to determine if the problem is file related.

Check and reseat connectors J4, J5, on the Low Voltage Power Supply, J8, J9, J10 and J15 on DC Control PCA. 2. Hp Laptop Error Codes II, III Replace cable from DC Controller PCB to HV power supply. HP Error Code:61 - Formatter , Memory Error Explanation:Your printer either has improperly fitted or bad memory SIMMs or a defective formatter board. Configure is properly.

I will continue to look for Scanner Error 20 for you if this one doesn't help you. --Scanner Error 6 and 12 Solution-- Let me know if this helps. @jfhayden61 - do you have the same model printer? Hp Error Code Oxc4eb827f Bad fan, PS4 or PS5. If you don't hear the motor at all, usually accompanied by an error 52 indication, the scanner motor is defective. Replace appropriate fan as needed.

Hp Laptop Error Codes

Replace MIO card. 3. Clean around corona wires and ensure proper grounding of registration assembly and transfer area See error 51 2686A/D Perform laser power adjustment II, IID, III, IIID Replace cable from DC controller PCB to laser scanner assembly II, IID, III, IIID, IIP, IIP+, IIIP Check/replace fiber optic cable on laser scanning assembly IIP See service note 33471A-021 if SN is between 2925J00000 to 3047J99999. (2 diode to 3 diode upgrade corrects static caused by this problem) IIP, IIP+, IIIP This error can be cause by paper feed problems. Hewlett Packard Printer Error Codes If you do not have the red dot, then this is probably a defective power supply causing the 50 Service error. Hp Computer Error Codes You should hear a definite clicking.

On the HP LaserJet/LaserJet Plus (2686A/D) this can be caused by a defective cassette micro switch in which case you will have to repair or replace it. this contact form HP Error Code:10 - Supplies Memory Error Explanation:Your printer has a problem with the toner cartridge chip, which it's unable to read. Order the HP II/III Service 50 Error Repair Kit. ERROR 23 - I /O Not Ready ALL PRINTERS The I/O card is not accepting data. Hp Inkjet Printer Error Codes

You can verify this by substituting a known good DC controller if possible. Check card seating (with power off) and replace if necessary. Either the SIMM slot or the SIMM itself is not compatible with your HP LaserJet printer. have a peek here low line voltage causing the power supply circuits to drop out of regulation.

Sometimes you can clean these and get a few more miles out of them but when you start to get jams with a smudge on the top middle of the page, it's time to replace both the input pickup roller assembly and the cork paper separation pad. Hp Printer Error Code 0x610000f6 Defective Formatter PCA - Replace with known operational board and try again. Add memory or simplify print job. 21 ERROR/PRINT OVERRUN/PAGE TOO COMPLEX 1.

Same as error 51. 2686/D Only: 1.

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The HP LaserJet 5P/6P indicates service errors in a similar manner to the 4L/4ML except there are 5 indicator lights. Note: A sticky solenoid can also be the cause of text appearing lower on each successive page. Error 13 Paper Jam Error Message Forms: 13.XX.YZ - additonal location info on display or 13.XX.YY - a jam exists in the media path Paper jams can be in the pickup from the tray, inside printer at toner cartridge, inside at the fuser, in duplex assembly if so equiped XX = Jam Code - a jam exists in the paper path many models, location indicated by XX and YY Y = Device Number Z = Device Type Possible Locations: Tray 1, Tray 2, Tray 3, Rear Door, Top Cover, Jam 13.13.00 indicates a jam in the duplexer assembly 13.13 - Jam inside duplexer 13.1C.00 - A jam exists in the fuser area Check the paper, make sure it meets the paper specifications for your printer. Check This Out Make sure fuser is correctly seated to AC Power PCA. 2.

X = Description 4 Printer Fan 7 Duplex Fan 1. On the HP LaserJet 4L/4ML, errors are indicated by a series of indicator lights. On the 4/4M/4+ and 5: The print job is to complex, enable page protect from the control panel and from the software. Replace paper Control PCB. 4V Front door open sensor broken or stuck PS402 Check toner microswitch SW501 on HV PCB Replace DC controller PCB 12 Open or EP IIP, IIP+, IIIP Paper path door or top cover open.

Incorrect cable hookup or bad I/O port in computer. If the lamp begins to heat (you can feel the roller, but be very careful it's HOT ) its not the lamp or the thermal fuse and is most likely the triac (can replace with NTE 5608 or an NTE 5645) failing when current is drawn by the halogen heater lamp. Bad local power. If unresolved, remove all cards/accessories and replace one my one to identify what is at fault.

Replace if either is bad. 4. HP Error Code:63 - Defective Formatter Board Explanation:Your printer either has improperly fitted or bad memory Simms or a defective formatter board. Check whether the I/O printer cable is installed correctly and not damaged, perhaps try using a different cable to test. If the quartz fuser lamp is burned out, order the replacement fuser on specials page.