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Hp Laserjet Iiip Error Messages


If the lamp is discolored it's developed a leak at the glass to ceramic seal and the filament has oxidized and is burned out. After replacing cartridge if the message still occurs consult service. ERROR 13 - Paper Jam Check the paper, make sure it meets the paper specifications for your printer. Removal of the lamp, although not difficult, requires knowing where the snaps are located to remove the plastic covers. http://orgias.org/error-code/hp-iiip-error-codes.html

Replace DC Controller PCA. 2. Pull the sealing tape tab to remove the strip. 3. HP LaserJet 4Si, 4Si MX printers The PostScript option is installed without enough memory to support the application. Check the I/O connections and make sure the proper media is being used.

Hp Printer Error Codes List

Message: 51 Error All HP LaserJet Printers 51 Error All - The printer was unable to detect the laser beam. Can also be DC controller. 5Si/4+/4Si/IIISi (X=2, 3 or 4) Fan motor faulty, check fan number X or duplexor fan and replace as necessary 5 Main motor failure - replace main motor 4+ 57.1 Gears are siezed, motor is bad or DC controller is bad 4Si/IIISi 57.1 Gears siezed, faulty top cover switch, faulty AC interlock switch, J010 loose or faulty, bad main motor PCA LJ 4000/405 An error occurred with the Fan's motor. A buildup of toner on the edges of the tray which slide into the printer can sometimes cause problems. Paper Control PCA malfunction. 4V/4MV Only: 1.

The message will go away when a valid language switching sequence is received or a printer reset occurs. Reseat same No disk installed. HP LaserJet 4 Printer Family Paper Size 300 dpi 600 dpi LTR/A4 2 MB 6 MB LGL 3 MB 6 MB Message: 22 Error - HP LaserJet IIP, IIP+, II, IID, III, IIID, IIISI, IIIP Printers 22 Error 22 I/O CNFIG ERROR HP LaserJet IIP, IIP+, II, IID, III, IIID, IIISI, IIIP Printers Serial buffer overflow error. Hp Printer Error Code List Pdf HP LaserJet 4P, 4MP Printers Paper is jammed in the top or rear of the printer.

Hold down the front panel button to display the error LED code. This can happen when printing a FAX document formatted for A4 size paper. Legend for front panel error LED indicators Paper out, door open or no EP cartridge. On the IIP/IIIP the connections for the high voltage are made on the left side of the printer so you may want to favor that side as you install the cartridge.

Replace fuser. Hp Error Code Oxc4eb827f You may have a worn pickup roller. Wrong I/O cable. 3. Message: W4 Job 300/Off, HP LASERJET 4, 4M, 4SI, 4P Printers W4 Job 300/Off HP LaserJet 4, 4M, 4Si, 4P Printers The job was printed at 300 dpi with page protection off.

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Improperly seated SIMMs or font cartridge - remove, check/clean contacts re-install and try again. http://fixyourownprinter.com/posts/10886 PrinterTechs.com 608-831-2396 or 866-352-7108 About Us Contact Us Search Products Search Support All Products PrintersHewlett PackardLexmarkCables and Misc.JetDirect CardsBrotherKyoceraDell Toner Maintenance Kits Printers Parts Tech Support Account Login Shopping Cart My Account Checkout Home Troubleshooting HP Error Codes Numeric Error Codes 50-59 (HP LaserJet) Email HP LaserJet Error Codes 50-59 Below are error codes for the HP LaserJet series, for codes ranging from 0-19.  Please note the explanations are general descriptions for ALL LaserJets, often more detailed info will be available if you search for a specific error code on a specific model (e.g. "50.9 error LaserJet 3000")   Have a question? Hp Printer Error Codes List You can remove it and replace it with a piece of adhesive backed felt. Hp Computer Error Codes Same as error 51.

Incompatible memory card in front slot 57-2 error. Check This Out Ensure the printer is firmly closed. Replace main motor IIIP/IIP+/IIP Error 57-1 Incompatible memory can be either top or bottom slot. Again on the LJII/III we are starting to see more and more failures of the gear drive assembly. Hp Inkjet Printer Error Codes

HP LaserJet IIISi, 4Si printer An attempt was made to use a "personality" firmware cartridge. Reseat the PostScript SIMM and/or replace it. Contact your dealer or HP Service Technician. 53 Error LaserJet, Plus, 500 plusIndicates an internal service malfunction. Source If message clears, the printer is OK and there may be a problem associated with the computer side of the system.

At Learnthat we find exactly what a scanning assembly is: http://www.learnthat.com/courses/computer/apluscore/printers.html "...The Laser Scanning Assembly holds the laser which shines its light on certain parts of the printer drum. Hp Printer Error Code 79 Replace the DC controller. 52.X PRINTER ERROR The laser scanner speed is incorrect. Replace formatter 80 MIO/EIO FAILURE 1.

If transparency film is unavailable, use paper, but perform the procedure two or three times to ensure proper cleaning...

If no fuser bulb turn on reset SW101 on AC power supply. Low/unstable power (low line voltage, brownout condition). Extremely heavy or thick paper is also a problem. Hp Printer Error Code 0x610000f6 Error HP LaserJet 4, 4M, 4Plus, 4Mplus, 4P, 4MP Printers A temporary error occurred while printing.

Also, the paper jam sensor at the rear of the fusing assembly may have become stuck. II,III Only: 1. This condition will only worsen until the error 50 is constant. have a peek here Switch the printer Off, then back On.

You can remedy this by replacing the paper guide plate assembly, RG5-2248-030. Check Duplex Shift Plate for correct operation. 2. It can be a labor intensive task requiring soldering skills (you don't want to peel those pads!). I just put in a new cartridge and upon closing the machine I heard a "snap" and the door that protects the drum had fallen off.

Check the main motor’s cable to ensure that it is seated properly. 4. San Rafael, CA Great that you have that part in stock and thank you for your quick reply. I/O config for the computer or printer is incorrect. 2. This problem can be caused by software/drivers, memory PCA's, font macro personality cartridges, or optional I/O cards. 2.

Thank you for the speedy shipment and response. Check the I/O connections and make sure the proper media is being used. Check Fan 1, replace if necessary. 57.3 ERROR 1. If X=0, the faulty SIMM slot could not be determined. 0: Internal Memory 1-3: SIMM Slot 4: Cartridge Message: 63 Service All HP LASERJET Printers with control panel displays 63 Service 63.5 Service 63 Needs Service HP LaserJet printers The printer identified a problem while checking its internal RAM.

Replace optional I/O card. 43 OPT INTERFACE 1. Printing a PostScript configuration page. If this problem persists, call your dealer or HP Service Technician. If message clears, then the problem exists with the expanded memory. 63.1 Error63.2 Error63.3 Error63.4 ErrorIIISiIndicates a possible faulty expansion SIMM.

If you hear the motor spin but not stabilize and you get an error 52 the scanner motor is most likely defective. Verify SIMM's are seated properly, replace any defective 5Si 59.X Main motor malfunction X=1: Main motor startup failure, X=2: Main motor rotation failure ERROR 62.X 62.0 Service, 62.1-4 Service, 62.5 Service, 62.6 Service All Printers - SERVICE 1. Replace the DIMM that caused the error. 54.1 REMOVE SEALING TAPE alternates with FROM TONER CARTRIDGE The toner cartridge has been installed without removing the sealing tape. 1. Optional power stacker.