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Hp Laser Jet Error Codes


Remove and reseat the optional interface card. You have to remove the left panel and you'll see it. Back back to top How did we do? On the 3Si/4Si a command was sent to print envelopes while the printer was in duplex mode. Source

Replace same Display is all block characters All printers Display cable is bad or disconnected or not connected properly Bad control panel Bad formatter PCB FS Disk Failure 4V Printer detected a disk failure. Firmware updates are available for some machines at http://hp.com and clicking on the drivers and software tab. Power cycle the printer. What to do:Check the all toners are installed correctly and that all covers are closed properly. https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/LaserJet-Printing/HP-Laserjet-Error-Code-List/td-p/1724491

Hp Laptop Error Codes

Replace or clean as needed. Back Error 11 - Paper Out Paper tray empty or not seated correctly. Error 23 I/O Not Ready ALL PRINTERS The I/O card is not accepting data.

Error 50.X means the fuser needs to be replaced. Extremely heavy or thick paper is also a problem. Some of the test points referred to in this document require special safety equipment, tools or meters as well as familiarity and training on laser printers. Hp Printer Error Code Oxc4eb827f If unresolved the formatter board may need replacing.

On older models HP error code 59 relates to memory problems. Hp Computer Error Codes This type of error can be caused by invalid print commands, corrupt data, or invalid operations. Cycle power on printer Bad formatter PCB 67 Memory IIISi, 4Si, 4V Bad SIMM memory. http://www.hpprinterrepair.co.uk/common-hp-printer-error-codes/ Replace same 58 Service LJ4, 4+, 4L, 4P, 4V, 5P Reseat fan cable Replace fan 4V Replace DC controller PCB IIISi, 4Si 58.1 and 58.2 error Paper tray improperly seated. 59 Add Memory IIISi, 4Si Not enough optional memory installed for Postscript option for the application being used.

If not replace the motor or drive circuit as required. Hp Printer Error Code List Pdf Replace the memory chip cable/connector or the DC controller. Replace laser PCB II, IID Replace memory PCB III, IIID 53-1 - Error in front memory slot. Many, such as 11 – Paper Out, may seem fairly self-explanatory but could actually be the result of something else.

Hp Computer Error Codes

There is a tab on the front of the toner cartridge that could also cause the problem. https://www.marketpoint.com/hp-printer-error-codes.aspx Error 22 Error/ I/O Config Error/ Par I/O Error/MIO Error 22 EIO X BUFFER OVERFLOW The EIO card in slot X has overflowed it's buffer and data loss will occur 22 EIO X BUFFER OVERFLOW - The printer parallel buffer has overflowed during a busy state. Hp Laptop Error Codes Code 40 indicates a broken transmission between the printer and its EIO card. Hp Inkjet Printer Error Codes All other printers, replace laser scanner assembly.

X represents the error location and can equal one of the following: 1 = Slot number 1 2 = Slot number 2 3 = Slot number 3 6 = Card in slot number 1 7 = Card in slot number 2 8 = Card in slot number 3 YYYY represents the error code. 1 Turn the printer power off, and then turn the printer power on. 2 Turn the printer power off, reseat the EIO accessory in slot [X], and then turn the printer power on. 3 Turn the printer power off, remove the EIO accessory from slot [X], install it in a different EIO slot, and then turn the printer power on. 4 Replace the EIO accessory in slot [X]. http://orgias.org/error-code/i-o-error-codes.html A buildup of toner on the edges of the tray which slide into the printer can sometimes cause problems. The line voltage and current source at the printer location might need to be inspected to ensure that they meet the electrical specifications for the printer. Back back to top How did we do? Hp Printer Error Code 79

Terminate the port on the printer with a BNC T and two 50 ohm termination's. You can reseat the connectors to the scanner assembly and the control board. Error 18 MIO Not Ready The printer is not connected to a LAN when it's expecting to see a LAN. have a peek here What to do:You need to reduce the size of your print job.

Make sure the paper cassettes are installed correctly and adjustments are set properly. Hp Printer Error Code 49 This could be a power supply or firmware issue. 50.3 High temperature. Reseat the cable and use only high quality IEEE 1284 compliant cables. 5Si Are you using a non-HP MIO device?

On the LJ4/4M/4+/4M+ the sensor flag can get knocked out of place when a paper jam occurs and the tray is pulled out abruptly.

HP Error Code:51 - Beam Detect Error Explanation:On older model this normally indicates the tab on the bottom of the cartridge that opens the laser shutter is missing/snapped off. It may also be triggered by PCL files being sent while the print is in PS mode or a bad PostScript file. Make page less complex and retry. Hp Printer Error Code 0x610000f6 Replace main motor IIIP/IIP+/IIP Error 57-1 Incompatible memory can be either top or bottom slot.

You may need additional memory. 4L Same thing with to much data or the page is to complex. All printers May be temporary error. HP Error Code:99 - Firmware Upgrade Explanation:There has been a flash firmware failure. http://orgias.org/error-code/hp-laser-printer-error.html What to do:Turn the printer off and on and see if this resolves the problem.

How did we do? In addition, many error codes denote various printer errors involving printer hardware or firmware. How do you troubleshoot printing problems for the Amazon return label?